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The Best A2 Hosting Review 2020 | Is It Worth It Or Not?

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A2 Hosting is a self-governing web Hosting organization founded in 2003. They are established in Ann Arbor Michigan but serve hosting markets internationally. A2 Hosting positions themselves as top performance, a speed-focused hosting company with excellent support.

Why Is A2 Hosting Review The Best Among All Hosting Providers?

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a2 hosting reviews

A2 Hosting offers a complete spectrum of hosting options ranging from shared Linux hosting (what most companies want ) all the way to cloud, WordPress, VPS, and dedicated server options for large, developing websites.

Whether you desire a dedicated server, regular shared hosting with cPanel, VPS, or anything in between, A2 Hosting can offer the services to fulfill your needs. With expertly-tuned servers that house several accounts, the firm guarantees uptimes of 99.9percent or higher, with Pro Crew customer service accessible all day, every day.

In general, you can not go wrong in choosing A2 Hosting as your web host. The organization's inventive hosting solutions, impressive performance and safety measures, and the constant thought put to the user experience assure our high recommendation for their services."

Much like InMotion Hosting, HostPapa, GreenGeeks, and SiteGround Hosting, A2 Hosting is among the faster growing independent hosting firms (i.e., not possessed by a bigger corporate holding company like Endurance or GoDaddy). They've a large dedicated fanbase in addition to some high-profile bloggers as customers.

I recently had a couple of tiny websites that had their very own hosting accounts. Since I have had readers ask about A2 Hosting, I decided to give them a go.

Here is my A2 Hosting inspection organized with pros and cons based on my experience as a client.

Turbo Speed And A2-Optimized Software

a2 hosting reviews

A2 Hosting's Turbo Servers offer page load speeds up to 20 times faster than standard Hosting. Utilizing less CPU and memory, and boasting fewer users per host, the Turbo option handles connections efficiently and with increased stability and speed.

The Turbo Servers are hosted on the organization's SwiftServer SSDs, which execute thousands of input/output operations per second -- up to three times quicker than regular hard drives.

A2 Hosting also provides a optimized cPanel plugin for pre-configured caching in Turbo Cache, OPcache, and Memcached. With the organization's exclusive Site Accelerator, SPDY service, edge-side contains, and HTTP/2, A2 Hosting offers optimal page loads.

Perpetual Security And 24/7 Tracking

a2 hosting reviews

As a portion of the Perpetual Security package included with many plans, A2 Hosting users gain from the organization's hack protection scanner, HackScan. Clients also receive complimentary KernelCare, which automatically runs rebootless kernel updates daily.

An optimized plugin for WordPress auto-hardens your own site to prevent hacks, while also including a unique WordPress login URL, automatic WordPress upgrades, and reCAPTCHA on the login page.

With 24/7 support from the Guru Crew along with 24/7/365 security monitoring, A2 Hosting Review offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Other components of the organization's proactive protection comprise brute-force defense, a firewall, and virus scanning

Security And Backup

A2's data centers are SSAE16 accredited. It entails a gated parking lot with a safety key entrance. Also, a security key is needed to enter the data centers. The real security is further improved with video surveillance.

A2 also provides a server shredding backup facility, which lets you recover data from (automatic) saved account backup snapshots.

A2 provides a couple of crucial security tools, one of which is named HackScan that is an element of their Perpetual Security initiative. Another is their dual web hosting anti virus, complemented with virus scanning, safety tracking, and a brute force defense mechanism.

These aren't merely optional addons, where you have to set up everything, bolt it on, and manage them yourself as you find with a few hosts. A2 handles these seamlessly in the background for you so can have peace of mind and get on with running your site knowing they are managing security in the background.

It also utilizes Cloudflare to get a lot of their hosting packages that have a multitude of security and performance protection components that will help you deliver content at a quick pace without the worry of malicious threats reaching your website. You are able to see all the features of what CloudFare provides on A2's CloudFare hosting site.

In addition, A2 offers a safety solution labeled "Patchman" for all shared SSD accounts and a few HDD servers.

This security tool will help to detect out-of-date software versions, infected documents (which are quarantines), and so on. It helps to patch any security problems with Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla.

Control Panel In A2 Hosting Review

a2 hosting reviews

A2 will suit both the experienced and the newbie webmaster that understands nothing about web hosting. To make matters easy for you, it offers the industry-standard control panel at the kind of cPanel.

This control panel is quite easy to use, even for first-time customers, and it is easy to browse through all of the elements to manage and control your website completely.

With choices like Softaculous, you can install WordPress scripts or script of additional CMS with just a couple of clicks. You could also readily access Joomla, Drupal, and lots of different programs from the controller panel.

It further extends to you a shopping cart to your eCommerce platform, even if you have any requirements for it. A2 offers support for some highly effective eCommerce tools, including PrestaShop and Magenta. Additionally, the one-click cart set up functionality doesn't involve in any complex coding.

Should you would like to obtain a hosting account with root access, then A2 even allows you to install open-source control panels, for example, ZPanel, Ajenti, and ISPConfig. There are both managed VPS and Dedicated hosting center packages offering root access

Web Programs, E-Commerce, And Marketing

Nearly All A2 Hosting Accounts Come With The Free Cloudflare CDN Along With CPanel, Together With The Softaculous Auto-Installer Available For The Simple Installation Of Popular Web Software. 1-Click Installs Are Available For Popular Content Management Systems Such As WordPress And Magento, As Well As Ecommerce Apps Like PrestaShop.

SSL certifications and PayPal merchant account are accessible, and POP3/IMAP/SMTP-supported email accounts enable customers to connect with clients and subscribers with a variety of email marketing and list management software applications.

A2 Hosting's powerful infrastructure means you'll have no problem launching and developing an online store or shopping cart using OpenCart, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, or dozens of other applications. The company is going to automatically configure your installation to take advantage of its hardware optimizations.

Domains, Databases, And Developer Perks

As well as offering free website transfers and infinite RAID-10 storage, A2 offers offers up to unlimited domains, databases, and email accounts. Emails are supported by POP3, IMAP, and SMTP, with options to activate Barracuda innovative spam filtering included.

For advanced users, A2 Hosting's dedicated servers offer root access and CloudLinux OS. The business has four data centers located in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, with a quadruple redundant system.

A2 Hosting Review is multi-language supported, including PHP 7, Ruby on Rails, and other programming languages. MySQL is always kept up to date, with SSH included and phpMyAdmin pre-installed. For database retrieval, A2 Hosting's Server Rewind copies are included for free.

Developer Features

a2 hosting reviews

The A2 Hosting Review supplier is unique as it features a lot for programmers as well. So, if you are a programmer or like coding, then you may enjoy the kind of support that A2 offers for various programming languages or languages.

Your A2 accounts will always be loaded with the current versions of their most popular developer software.

For instance, A2 was also one of the very first PHP7 hosting providers (besides the PHP5 one in 2004). Moreover, you get performance-tuned databases, such as MySQL, along with several hosting frameworks such as Perl, Ruby, and Python.

Programs With A Linux Based Solution In A2 Hosting Review:

This is merely a sample of the key tools and languages available for use in the developer suite for Linux packages as printed by A2.

  • PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0 or 7.1
  • MySQL 5.6
  • PostgreSQL 9.4
  • Python 2.6, 2.7 or 3.2
  • PERL 5.10, Apache 2.2
  • js
  • FTP / SFTP
  • Free SSH Access
  • SSL & Free SSL

Ease Of Use (4.8/ 5.0) Ratings

A2 Hosting is dedicated to building performance-minded tools because of its stage while keeping the implementations simple for users. The optimized applications installations, auto-configurationsplugins and plugins make setup for WordPress and web applications easier than ever. With cPanel and Softaculous, users can quickly access a wealth of popular programs, from SEO programs to security attributes. A2 Hosting offers plenty of custom enhancements for caching, security, backups, and much more.

Reliability & Support (4.9 / 5.0) Ratings In A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting Review has assembled its services upon the guarantee of reliable servers and a supportive team of specialists on standby to assist customers with any need. The optimized software and Turbo Servers have been designed for optimum page load speeds (as much as 20 times faster than average), and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. With 24/7 network monitoring and a U.S.-based service team available all day, each day (including a team dedicated to WordPress support), A2 Hosting Review includes unwavering and highly-praised client and tech support. The organization's Guru Crew consists of hand-selected team members built to deal with any hosting conundrum -- from first-time website installation to advanced PHP hosting service.

A2 Hosting Review Includes

99.9% Uptime Guarantee, 24/7/365 Support Via Live Chat, Phone, and Email Tickets.

Different Strategies and Pricing

Various Plans And Pricing

A2 delivers a variety which is evident in the kinds of hosting plans that it supplies. Based on your requirements, you can pick a hosting plan that fits your needs best.

Below, we go through a variety of A2 hosting program categories. Before we proceed into this, let's be clear that all discounts offered or mentioned apply to a first term just . If you choose to take out a monthly plan, then your discount is for the first month only, since this is your first semester. But if you choose a biennial duration, then your discount applies for your initial two years, since this is the duration of your first term. Prices after the first duration revert back to standard rates. All prices correct at time of publishing.

There are both Linux and Windows server packages available for shared Hosting.


a2 hosting reviews

All the A2 shared hosting programs provide the following common features:

Infinite RAID 10 storage

Unlimited transfer

A2 optimized software

SSD speed increase

Free CloudFare CDN

Free website migration by A2

The Patchman safety instrument

WordPress features, including integrated ManageWP accounts and discretionary WP-CLI (Command Line Interface)

Free magazine subscriptions

There is little difference between the offering of a Linux and Windows-based solution, other than the Windows packages are somewhat more expensive, and the cPanel is different depending on what you choose.

The Cost range for A2's Linux shared hosting alternatives would be as follows:


$4.90 per month on a Monthly Term (1 Month)

$4.41 per month on an Annual Term (12 Months)

$3.92 per month on a Biennial term (24 Months)


$6.37 a month on a Monthly Term (1 Month)

$5.39 a month on an Yearly Term (12 Months)

$4.90 per month on a Biennial term (24 Months)


$12.25 per month on a Monthly Term (1 Month)

$10.29 a month within an Annual Term (12 Months)

$9.31 per month on a Biennial term (24 Months)

VPS Hosting

a2 hosting reviews

If you are not into the technical stuff, you can opt for the A2 Managed VPS hosting options or to get your A2 Dynamic VPS hosting programs . Together with the dynamic VPS plans, you can get a fully customizable account, while the Managed VPS plans offer you complete HostGuard management. VPS hosting is for the ones that desire more than a shared hosting strategy can offer, but not really to the scale of requiring your very own dedicated server.

Managed VPS Hosting

There are two sorts of Managed VPS Hosting programs out there. You can choose Managed VPS or Core VPS Managed Hosting using Root Access. Each of these offers three different plans and the cost is the same for either Core.

The Cost range for A2's Managed VPS and Core VPS hosting solutions would be as follows:


$40.25 per month on a Monthly Term (1 Month)

$35.63 per month on an Annual Term (12 Months)

$32.99 per month on a Biennial term (24 Months)


$60.05 per month on a Monthly Term (1 Month)

$52.13 a month on an Yearly Term (12 Months)

$46.19 per month to a Biennial term (24 Months)


$76.55 per month on a Monthly Term (1 Month)

$68.63 per month on an Annual Term (12 Months)

$65.99 per month on a Biennial term (24 Months)

Unmanaged VPS Hosting

The A2 Unmanaged VPS hosting packages start at the costs shown above. However, each one of these packages is customizable and configurable, so it's pointless to go into pricing prior to this. It will change based on how you customize your package.

When you click on configure the VPS package, you are presented with the next screen where you can easily choose what you want:

This interactive page allows you to modify the sliding scales, chose your server location, cPanel, Turbo increase and operating system requirement. The cost will change so for your customized strategy.

Dedicated Server Hosting

a2 hosting reviews

A2 also offers you Flex dedicated host hosting options if you enjoy control and are excited about creating the control line. It provides Managed flex dedicated server hosting options, if you enjoy a totally managed hosting option. Under both classes, three different plans can be found: Sprint, Exceed and Mach.

Dedicated Unmanaged Hosting Plans

All those Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting Plans are customizable. You are able to pick between 8GB up to 32GB RAM, add Turbo Boost as well as a number of licence and backup packages which may be inserted on. Therefore, the price will vary again greatly from user to user depending upon your customized settings and length of duration that you opt to take.

The starting price for A2's Dedicated Server Unmanaged hosting alternatives is as follows:

Sprint -- Beginning at $99.59 for your'on the shelf' package.

Exceed -- Beginning at $165.99 for your'on the shelf' package.

Mach -- Beginning at $248.99 for the'on the shelf' package.

Dedicated Server Managed Hosting

Much like all the VPS hosting, there are two kinds of Dedicated Server Managed hosting plans available. Each of these offers three different plans and the price is the same for either Managed or Core with root access.

Trying not to sound like a broken record, but again the pricing can vary widely depending on how you decided to customize your Hosting. There are lots of'from' here, you can select your RAM, storage and transfer speed requirements as well as other licences and bolt-on solutions. For your Vanilla -- off the shelf goods' though, pricing begins at:

Sprint -- Beginning at $141.09 for your'on the shelf' package.

Exceed -- Beginning at $207.49 for your'on the shelf' package.

Mach -- Starting at $290.49 for the'on the shelf' package.

Cloud Hosting

a2 hosting reviews

The Cloud Hosting programs are Linux server-based, there is no Windows option. You can, however, choose your Linux Operating System as well as which type of storage you need in your strategy -- HDD or SSD.

Similar to the VPS Unmanaged programs, the Cloud Hosting programs are customizable therefore the pricing will fluctuate based on how you configure your server. The'vanilla' packages start from $15 per month for the START plan, $20 per month for the MEDIAN program and $25 for your ACE program.

Reseller Hosting

a2 hosting reviews

A2 delivers a variety of Reseller hosting programs on both Windows and Linux servers.

The price range for A2's Linux Reseller Hosting alternatives would be as follows:


$19.79 per month on a Monthly Term (1 Month)

$16.49 per month on an Annual Term (12 Months)

$13.19 per month on a Triennial term (36 Months)


$23.09 per month on a Monthly Term (1 Month)

$19.79 per month on an Annual Term (12 Months)

$18.47 per month on a Triennial term (36 Months)


$29.69 per month on a Monthly Term (1 Month)

$26.39 a month within an Annual Term (12 Months)

$24.41 per month to a Triennial term (36 Months)


$46.19 per month on a Monthly Term (1 Month)

$42.89 per month within an Yearly Term (12 Months)

$40.91 per month on a Triennial term (36 Months)

The price range for A2's Linux Reseller hosting solutions is as follows:

There are Quarterly and Biennially pricing plans available for all these packages too. Check the A2 website for details of these.

Advantages Of A2 Hosting Review

It provides high rates due to its use of SSDs even to its shared hosting environment. The turbo servers further increase the rate of your site.

It provides comprehensive support for programmer features, especially for the adoption of the newest versions of most programming software.

The best thing about A2 is its own transparency and confidence in its own server functionality. This enables it to share its own server uptime data on the official A2 server site. This transparency is also evident when it comes to checking the costs. Rather than having to start the sales process as with a lot of hosts, when you click to see complete details of a plan there's a table about the various pages that shows you the pricing for each plan and also for each of the payment provisions. Nice.

The A2 Hosting Review plans offer a lot of quality features for free in the kind of server shredding backup, CloudFare CDN, hack scans and so on.

Disadvantages of A2 Hosting

The sole drawback one can perhaps point out to the A2 Hosting Review provider is the costs of certain plans. You cannot consider them to be cheap hosting plans, but as with a lot of things in life, you get specifically what you pay for.

Alternatives To A2 Hosting Review

Out of the most famous hosts that I've employed as a client or consultant, here's how A2 Hosting Review compares straight to each.

SiteGround is one of A2 Hosting's large independent (ie, also not owned by a large holding company) competitors. They have a concentration on pace with reputations for sound support. SiteGround parts all of A2 Hosting's positives (including global data stations) with a number of A2 Hosting's drawbacks ) You can read my complete SiteGround Hosting review here, but unless you have a specific reason for picking A2 Hosting Review, then I would suggest registering for SiteGround.

    InMotion Hosting is one of A2 Hosting's big independent (ie, also not owned by a large holding company) competitors. A2 Hosting Review offers global data centres and Windows hosting that InMotion doesn't. Beyond this, I've found that InMotion supplies all of A2 Hosting's benefits without the drawbacks. InMotion has very committed support forward with a solid pricing arrangement. You can read my entire review of InMotion Hosting here, but if you don't want Windows servers, I would recommend signing up for InMotion Hosting.

      Bluehost is one of Endurance International's most well-known brands. They beat A2 Hosting Review on pricing. However, A2 Hosting Review does better with performance and heart hosting features whereas Bluehost has greater"bonuses" and unwanted upgrades. If performance matters more to you -- then pay a bit extra for A2 Hosting. If you are only running a simple, easy project, subsequently Bluehost is strong

        HostGator is among Endurance International's other well-known brands. They are best known for offering very good web hosting with unmetered attributes for very affordable prices. I use them for little personal projects -- plus they beat A2 Hosting Review on core and pricing hosting features. But, A2 Hosting Review has better support and functionality. So again, between them, proceed with A2 Hosting for much better value & far better functionality and HostGator for better (or short term) pricing and/or unmetered features.

        My Final Verdict To A2 Hosting Review :

        a2 hosting reviews

        Very rarely have we encountered a web host that's something for everybody: a newbie webmaster, a developer, an administrator and so on. It's possible to begin with A2 Hosting in a lower level and then eventually scale up as your website requires more resources.

        We hope this report helps you determine if you're able to opt for A2's hosting services for your website. Have you got any queries or points to include here? Please feel open to leave your comments below and thanks for reading!

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