May 15, 2020


The Four Percent Group Program Review


Are You Looking For A Way To Make Money Online? The Four Percent Group Program Is Without A Doubt One Of The Ways To Earn A Substantial Income Online If You Agree To Make It Work.

Our goal in this article is to show you how the four percent group program can change your life when you decide to become a member.

Ready, let's start.

As the name suggests, the four percent challenge group program is to go from $0 to $10,000. It was created by a businessman and entrepreneur named Vick Strizheus

Below you will find how the four percent group is structured to change your life when you become a member.



LEVEL 3: THE $ 1,000,000 CHALLENGE

Each level is built and is an extension of a previous one - it is an essential secret ingredient of your exponential and fast growth, which provides you with a reliable and clear path to follow!

Finally, a clear path to success that everyone can follow!

Each day you will receive specific and detailed training with concrete and specific action steps to complete the day. Imagine being taken by the hand and literally showing precisely what to do every day and, more importantly, getting a clear explanation of the reason.

The four percent group program is your most comfortable way to get results and real success!

What You’ll Learn Inside The Four Percent Group Program


Let's start from scratch and accumulate from there. Your goal here is to go from your current position (even if it is zero or you start to start) and to help you generate your first $ 10,000 income as an independent online marketing affiliate.

Just like preparing a delicious cake - to do this, you have to do specific tasks in the right order (this is where most people get lost and let go).

Fortunately for you, you will learn precisely what they are and what to do step by step.

The $ 10,000 Fourpercent Challenge Group

Every 30 sessions, step-by-step training! There are more than 2000 reviews on five stars on Trustpilot for this training alone! It's not just a journey, and it's a life-changing experience.

The Brain Of Implementation

Think of it as your insurance policy to reach this goal of $10,000. This is where you meet Vick each week, and he will work with you directly and personally to resolve the issues that remain out of the way, and ensure that you reach your goals.

Partner Offers Market For The Fourpercent Challenge Group

We are building an exclusive and upscale market of the best products, companies, and offers that you can align and promote in different sectors!

What you get with the four percent success challenge - level 1




Once you complete Level 1 and you have been able to generate at least $10,000 in sales, it's time to graduate and upgrade to Level 2.

This is where things get fun! The goal here is 10X what you did at level 1.

The most exciting thing is that once you are at Level 2, the amount of work required for your 10X results will be well below what is necessary to go from zero to $ 10,000 in sales.

At this level, all you need is to develop and stack other vital skills to MULTIPLY results.

LEVEL 3: THE $ 1,000,000 CHALLENGE

Ok, now it is getting interesting. When you graduate at this level, you grow up and write your ticket in life.

If you dare to go to this last level, get ready because once you have crossed these doors, your life will never be the same again.

This level will be available to you, but only the bravest, bold, and committed will experience it.

The Tools You Need

According to what Vick says, to make money, you will need these tools:

Get Response (Email Autoresponder): $ 15 per month with a 30-day free trial

Click Magic (Custom link tracking): $ 12 per month with a 14-day free trial

Click Funnels (Custom landing page): $97 per month with 14 days free trial

Name Cheap (Buy your domain): $ 8.88 the first year 10.98 $ the following years (different domains will have different prices, you can use .com, .org, etc)

Private email (Private email on your domain): $ 9.88 per year

E-Stage (Build your central hub): one-time payment of $ 497

Bluehost (Hosting company): $ 3.95 per month

Internet traffic control (Traffic and Training Strategies): $997 one-time payment

Promotional price in additional percentage (optional): $ 19.95 per month or $ 197 single payment

Promote The Four Percent Challenge And Earn Commissions

So, in addition to paying $ 49 a month to keep your subscription at four percent, you still have to pay at least $ 1,640.71 in the first month. Honestly, I think you do not need to gain control over the Internet in your first month because it costs you a lot, but you still have to pay $ 643.71. If you decide to stay with Vick, do what he told you to do, and become a promotion partner, you will have to pay $ 19.95 more, do not forget your monthly fee of four percent, or $ 1709.66 in total. Before reaching the goal of 10K, you have already spent at least $ 1709.66.

Advantages Of The Four Percent Challenge Group

  • Clear objectives and directions to follow
  • All the tools you need are available
  • The best market ecosystem generating more revenue

Disadvantages Of The Four Percent Challenge Group

  • One session per day
  • The cancellation is not clear
  • A high threshold that is expensive at the beginning
  • Limited resources
  • The community is not easy to access

In Conclusion

The Fourpercent Challenge Is Not A Bad System; It Works And Can Make You Earn Money

However, promoting affiliate products through e-mail marketing and paid traffic is costly and somewhat requires so much determination and hard work

You are interested in the four percent challenge because you need money.

But you probably cannot afford to spend more than $ 1,000 a month on a program that does not guarantee you money.

If you want more details read my full review of four percent

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