April 28, 2020

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Complete WordPress Review | Is it Really Worth It

Complete-Wordpress-Review_ In this article, I am going to share my honest WordPress review with you. Many Digital Marketers say that WordPress is the best platform to create a website, but is it really worth it? WordPress is one of the best platforms that help you to create websites for free. It is very easy to use and even beginners who does not know about coding can also easily develop the website. Apart from the other popular website creating platforms like Wix and Weebly, WordPress is the right choice for creating the best website which is absolutely free. Most web developers use this WordPress platform to create a website within a few hours. It is user-friendly and provides the best and additional features to enhance the website quality. This article gives you the overall review of WordPress and tells us what, why, and how to use WordPress. It also tells about the pros and cons of WordPress.

What Is wordpress

what is wordpress WordPress is a powerful website creating a tool that lets you create websites. Over 33% of websites on the Internet are created using WordPress. WordPress is the platform that came into existence as a tool for creating a blog (WordPress.com). Later it has developed and became a website creating tool that contains all added features(WordPress.org).

What is the difference between WordPress org and WordPress

What is the difference between WordPress org and WordPress WordPress.org is the best one to use and it is a self-hosted version, since it gives full access to all the features of the WordPress, while WordPress.com is the fully hosted version i.e hosted by WordPress (No need to buy hosting) but contains some restrictions. There is no difference in the tools and plugins, the only difference is in the hosting. If you create a website on WordPress.com, then WordPress will host your website which will be more reliable. But, WordPress.com can be very expensive in comparison to WordPress.org, and also it may contain some restrictions. While there will be no restrictions on WordPress.org. WordPress.com and WordPress.org, both are completely open-source CMS software that can be used by everyone to create websites for free.

Should I use WordPress to create a website

Top 20 Content Management Software You can use WordPress for creating any type of website. You can create a blog, an e-commerce website, an online store website, run a market place, or can even sell online courses and more. There are more plugins available for you to create websites. They are the modules that help you to add additional features to your website. Some of the popular websites that people create using WordPress includes a business website, blog, religious website, coupon website, and many more.

What is WordPress and how it works

WordPress is the best platform that allows you to add contents, design and modify it accordingly. You can even change the design without modifying your content, and can also add new features whenever needed.

Addition of content in WordPress

WordPress stores the content in a database and other media files likes images and videos in a separate folder. You can add the contents to your website using the post editor. It contains the basic formatting features and comes in two forms as visual editor and text editor. WordPress does not have drag and drop feature to customize your content according to the design, while you are writing.

Management of Design and Appearance

Management Of Design And Appearance WordPress contains the template engine that adds appearance to your website. You can choose any one of the templates and can be added. It provides a set of templates called “Themes”. The WordPress themes always come with a basic template file and a stylesheet, that allows you to customize your themes and can change your appearance of the website. The themes are available in both paid and free versions that allow you to create the appearance to your website. You can also hire a developer to create and custom your WordPress theme, but it would cost you more. Instead of this, you can use a drag and drop page builder like BeaverBuilder or Divi to create a custom theme for your website.

How do I add a plugin to my WordPress site

How do I add a plugin to my WordPress site Plugins are the add-ons that are available in WordPress. These are like apps for your WordPress site. They are the modules that can be used to add more functionality to your website. You can browse, download, and install any number of plugins you want. The features may differ according to each plugin. Choose the best plugin that is suitable for the feature you want. WooCommerce is the most popular plugin for the e-commerce website. Yoast SEO is very popular for SEO. Other plugins include:
  • WPForms  Lite – to add contact forms to your website.
  • OptinMonster – to get more email subscribers and sales from your website.
  • Rankmath- it improves your SEO and gets more traffic to your website.
  • UpdraftPlus – backup plugin
If you didn’t understand how plugins help, then you can look at the below image, this is Yoast SEO plugin which handles our On-page SEO and most of the  Technical SEO.
http://wordpress.orgAs you can see Yoast SEO tells the title has a good length or not, it shows us how our article will look like in Google Search results, and many other things like Keyword density, Meta description, permalink, In short, all the On-page SEO related work.
It also generates the sitemap pages which comes under Technical SEO so In short this is an All in one SEO plugin. In this way, plugins can make your work a lot easier.

Why Is WordPress So Flexible

Why Is WordPress So Flexible WordPress is the most flexible platform that allows you to create and customize your website. Some of the reasons include:

Open code access

Top 20 Content Management Software
This lets you access and modifies all the codes you need for your website. This allows you to add and modify the features and functionality to your website according to your wish.

Large professional Community

As WordPress is more popular, it is very easy to find a good WordPress developer and online classes and tutorials on how to use WordPress.

An infinite number of plugins

 This is the main reason behind WordPress flexibility. It provides more number of plugins that allow you to add features to your website. It even allows you to create your own plugin.

What are the pros and cons of WordPress

What are the pros and cons of WordPress  Some of the pros of using WordPress include:
  • WordPress is a free platform that gives you complete control of your website. It also helps you to manage your website files and data.
  • It gives access to a variety of collections of extensions, add-ons, and plugins to improve your website.
  • You can add new features and can use all SEO practices to increase traffic to your website.
  • It is easy to customize your website and contains many templates and designs that will enhance your appearance of the website.
  • Due to its popularity, it allows access for third-party tools such as SEO tools, email marketing, CRM software, and many others.
  • A huge amount of knowledge available online to develop your skill at WordPress and helps you to find your need.
Some of the cons of WordPress include:
  • It requires security and backup or else, hacking of your websites in WordPress may take place.
  • It does not come with the built-in drag and drop feature, it takes time for beginners to learn the basics.  However, you can use drag and drop page builder plugins for WordPress.
  • Though you do not need to learn to code, it requires some basic knowledge of coding to handle it. It makes things easier if you have basic knowledge in any field.
  • You need coding knowledge to customize your website design and to manage to troubleshoot issues.

Is WordPress good for SEO

Details Open source software SEO is the most essential one for your website to rank at the top. WordPress helps us with that feature. -WordPress gives you the option to make your site visible to Google and other search engines. It is useful to turn this on for better SEO optimization. -WordPress creates categories and tags, that helps you to sort your content neatly. -WordPress allows you to set up SEO-friendly URLs that are descriptive and helps you to rank your website at the top of the Google search. -WordPress lets you use HTML tags when writing content in the text editor. This lets you to increase the number of keywords in your content so that it increases traffic to your website. -WordPress SEO gives you more control over your website SEO than other website builder platforms. Plugins can also be used to improve your website and increase traffic to your website.

Why We Should use WordPress? Is it the Right Platform To Create A Website

Why We Should Use WordPress You can access and customize it, the way you want and create a website. Some of the reasons that it is the best platform to create websites are: It is free of cost for creating websites for your business. Plenty of tutorials are available for you to learn the basics It is used for creating a blog, personal website and a business website with easy steps It is much more flexible than other website building tools. The wonderful part of WordPress is that it adapts according to your needs. It is easy and complex according to the way you handle it. WordPress.com

Who should not use WordPress

Though WordPress is the best platform for creating websites, some users need other website platforms according to their needs. Some of the users who don’t require WordPress are: Those who want to run a blog but don’t want to make money from the blog. You are fine with the features you have and you never want to write code and make backups. You just want a small website and you are not worried about growing your business The above-mentioned type of users doesn’t require WordPress, instead, they can use some other platforms that suit their needs.

New Features of WordPress

-Developer and security enhancements -In-block settings via Inspector -New way of detecting the site’s technical parameters through the Site Health Check tool -Quick WordPress version check -Better usability on mobile devices Other features of the new version of WordPress include: Site Health check tool– It is the best tool, used for debugging and fixing problems. PHP error protection– It suspends the theme or plugin causing the problem. Improvements in blocks and the block editor– It improves image and block resizers. General changes – It includes PHP coding updates, developer enhancements, new emoji and dash icons, and security enhancements.

How much is a WordPress website cost

wordpress price table WordPress may be free of cost, but it costs some amount for using plugins, themes, third party software, online courses, developers you use and for hosting. It varies for the website to website, it depends on how you use WordPress. If using the high quality of themes, plugins, and more will cost you more. -WordPress hosting cost- monthly between $5-$100 -WordPress Tutorials & Courses Costs- monthly free to $50+ (Not Compulsory) -WordPress theme costs- one-time cost-free to $500+ -WordPress plugin costs- monthly cost  $5 to $150 In short, you can easily create a WordPress website for $5-$10 if you don’t buy any other add-ons. If you buy any add ons also, then the average cost for the website can be $50-$150.

Can I build a WordPress site without coding

Details Open If you create a WordPress website, you will not need to have any programming knowledge or coding skills. You don’t need to know a lot about HTML, CSS, Javascript. Basic knowledge of HTML is enough, It is also not compulsory. Wordpress is a CMS software and it does all work of the code, you just need to drag and drop, and then WordPress will write the required code for your command.

How to get started and use the WordPress

To get started with WordPress The first step is to register your domain name Secondly, you should purchase your web hosting software to host your website. The best platform to host your website is the Bluehost. They offer free domain names, free SSL, and a 60% discount on WordPress hosting. It is the famous hosting platform that is used to host a WordPress website. Follow the instructions on tutorials and online videos and develop your skill in hosting a website on WordPress. Some of the activities and how to perform it is given below Details Open source software

how to install WordPress with Bluehost

how to install WordPress with Bluehost I hope, till now you have already bought the hosting and domain from the blue host, so, now it is time to set up WordPress. To install a WordPress site on your Bluehost account, follow these steps:- Log in to your Bluehost account Click on “My Sites”  in the left control panel
Details Open source software
Click on “Manage Site” option
Provide some basic information about your site, and the WordPress installation will start. When the setup is done, Bluehost will show you the installation and login details. Setting up WordPress especially on Bluehost is very easy and you can do it easily. After setting up WordPress, it is time to test your website. Simply, open your browser and type your domain, for example:- www.yourdomain.com and test whether your site is appearing or not.

How To Install WordPress Themes

How To Install WordPress Themes After setting up WordPress, it is time to make the website look beautiful, themes are ready made templates which automatically change your website’s look in one click (No coding required). There are thousands of themes available in WordPress, choose the best one of yours. Simply, click on the “Appearance” option in the left bar.
Top 20 Content Management Software
And then click on “Theme” By default, there will be 4 themes downloaded on your website, Click on “Add new” to browse Thousands of other themes.
Details Open
Browse all the themes and choose what you like. Just make sure it is simple and clean because it is very important for any law firm website.
Details Open source software
One of the great things about themes is that you get not just one design with it, but a whole range of different designs that you can pick from.  The themes may include business, food, music, art and more. Simply, hover on the theme you like and click on “Details and Preview” to preview the theme. Click on the “Install” or “Import” option.
After a minute, the install option will get converted into the “Activate” option. Click on it.
source software
Enter your domain name in the new tab to check whether the theme is actually activated or not.
Top 20 Content Management Software
In the beginning your website may not look that much good as you want but after the customization your website is going to look amazing.

How do I customize my WordPress premium themes

This allows for customizing your theme for your website. To start with it, Go to Appearance and then click on “Theme”. It displays the theme panel. Then, click on the Customize button appearing on your selected theme.
Details Open
A new page will open up.
Details Open source software
This page shows various options for customizing, with a preview on the right side. It allows you to change the title, color combo, and logo. After completing the changes, click on ‘Save & Publish’ button. Every theme has different customizing options that’s why I am not telling you how you can customize your theme, that’s why I want you to play around and check out every option. You can also install plugins like Elementor to make this work easier and add some other ways to customize like including icons, colorful Bullet points, and many others. If you don’t like this work, then you can easily hire someone for $20-$100 on Fiverr to do this work.

How do I write content in WordPress

Top 20 Content Management Software Managing your posts allows you to create, edit, or delete a post on your website. 1. Click on Posts–> Add New. It displays a page, that allows you to create a post. Enter the title, content, and media that you want to post. Next click on “Publish” to publish your post.
source software
2. To edit the post, click on Posts –> All Posts. In that click on edit option to edit your post. 3. To delete a post, move to the trash section and just click on, “Delete Permanently”.

How do I manage WordPress media library

Details Open source software  This allows you to add media content to your website. 1. Click on Media–> Add New. In that click on, “Select Files” button, upload your image file or just drag and drop it. After clicking on the button, the media file will be automatically uploaded. 2. To edit the media content, click on Media–> Library.  In that, click on edit that displays under the image, to edit it.  After editing, just click on the “Update” button to update the changes. 3. To delete the media, select  “delete permanently” in the drop-down and click on the “Apply” button.

How do I make my WordPress site more secure

How do I make my WordPress site more secure Creating websites using WordPress has a more chance of hacking it by the browsers. So the follow the steps below in order to secure your website in WordPress.

1. Disable PHP

A malicious PHP file can be uploaded to hack your website. In order to avoid this, click on Cpanel–> file manager, and select the show hidden files option. Then click on +file option and name the file as .htaccess and click on ” create a new file”. Now, open the file and follow the setup options of creating the code.

2. Protect account registration and contact forms

 To activate this feature you need to create public and private keys.

3. Activate Akismet Plugin

    Select plugins–> installed plugins and just click on “activate” below the Akismet Plugin. We can also use plugins(Yoast), that is used to boost your website’s SEO.

Does WordPress Provide Hosting

source software WordPress is a self-hosted website, so it needs some research and methods to host it. There are two types of web hosting: self-managed hosting and fully-managed hosting.

Self-managed hosting

           This is the most popular choice of hosting your WordPress website. There are different types of self-managed hosting. They are:
  • Shared hosting – it is easy to use and costs low. Your site is hosted on a physical server.
  • Cloud hosting –  it shares reliable hosting on a virtual server, you only pay for what you use, at an affordable cost.
  • Dedicated hosting – it lets you host on private servers and gives you ultra-fast speeds and lots of resources for growing your website.
  • Virtual private server hosting (VPN) –  A  more expensive option to host your website, but it provides more security and maintains the privacy of your data.

Fully-managed hosting

          Fully-managed hosting is a service that was created specifically for WordPress users, so it’s sometimes called WordPress hosting.        It costs more but takes care of your security and privacy.  These hosting plans generally have better customer service and are often willing to help users. You’ll also find fully-managed hosting providers tend to be more accomodating of your needs. Say your website gets a sudden surge of traffic one day that overwhelms it, then the hosting provider can adjust your traffic allowance to ensure your site doesn’t crash.

Mastering WordPress Skills

       Though WordPress is easy to use and the best platform for creating websites, it also needs some basic knowledge and skills to develop any website in WordPress. Many resources, videos, and tutorials are available for many WordPress beginners to gain knowledge. 


WordPress is the best tool to create your website. It is not meant for all, it provides full access and all the facilities to those who are in need. It is used for creating any type of websites, such as blogs, e-commerce websites, business websites and many other sites. It is a flexible tool that helps anyone to create a complex website, making it easy for them to create it thereby reducing their time. A drawback to using WordPress is the upfront investment in money and time than other drag-and-drop website builders, like Wix, don’t have. To know about all investments and costs before using WordPress, or else use some other drag and drop website builder.

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