June 24, 2020


Bluehost is a renowned web host service provider. It powers millions of websites around the globe.

Bluehost basics plans pricing

This web host has helped many investors create big companies online, and its success in this industry speaks volumes about the quality of their services. Founded over a decade ago, Bluehost has become one of the world’s successful and reliable web hosting providers.

It has engineers who work around the clock on its core software, commonly referred to as WordPress. Besides offering web hosting services, Bluehost provides other services like social media marketing, SEO services, local business listings, among others, to grow traffic. Anyone can also use it and everyone, including beginners, to fully established e-commerce and anyone interested in venturing into online business.

The best thing is that if you choose BLUEHOST STARTING SITE, you will be provided with a range of products that will help you design your website or online shop.


Price-$2.95/Month for 36 Months = $106.2 for 3 years -Very nice for the services that they deliver4.8/5
Reliability & performance99.98 % Uptime  Guarantee  it is just excellent but doesn't mean your website will be very fast4.8/5
support-live chat -email ticket -phone support4.8/5
features-free domain name 1st year -free ssl certificate included -1 click wordpress install -24/7 support4.8/5
price after 1st year$7.99/Month which = $98.88/ Year

Basic Plans Prices

12 Months

$4.95 24 Months $3.95 36 Months $2.95 They equip you with website builder tools and also train you on what is required to start your online business. Bluehost has a special focus on ensuring you have all the knowledge needed in the digital marketing industry. This is one of the reasons most start-ups do well when they choose to believe the positive BLUEHOST REVIEWS left by other users.

Don’t wait until you lose business for you to find the best web host.

Nothing kills your morale like placing an ad directing people to your website, only to be told they cannot access your website. 

It happened to me with my first WordPress site.

As a fresh graduate, I couldn’t wait to show off my writing skills.

I created a site to show off my samples and started approaching potential clients.

I did cold emailing, placed AdWords, and shared my site link wherever I got a chance.

A week later, someone asked to stop sharing a dead link!

BlueHost was suggested to me by a stranger in a Facebook group where I turned for advice.

It changed the performance of the site, and I no longer have to worry about its accessibility.

My BLUEHOST REVIEW is more about the positive things I have experienced.

This host offers three essential things speed, support, and reliability.

However, I had to dig deeper into my pocket to pay for these superior hosting services.

What do my Bluehost reviews be about

My BLUEHOST REVIEW is more about the positive things I have experienced.

This host offers three essential things speed, support, and reliability.

However, I had to dig deeper into my pocket to pay for these superior hosting services.

Bluehost webhost plan for 12 months

bluehost webhost plan-basic-plusbluehost webhost plan-choice plus-pro

Bluehost Basic Plan Reviews

The Bluehost basic plan is the cheapest shared hosting option available. The package is the starter shared hosting plan that is more affordable compared to the other existing plans. For beginners, this is the BLUEHOST STARTING SITE plan to go for; it is reliable and affordable at the same time. It is recommended by WordPress and is, therefore, a good choice for beginners and places you on the right path as you look forward to expanding in the future. The basic plan is basically for beginners and users who are new to online business. The only disadvantage with this plan is that you are only able to install one website on your hosting account and a few other limited features that are only available after you upgrade to another plan. Advanced plans require you to pay, but besides the absence of a few features, everything else will run smoothly.

Yes! I Am beginner

Get Started Now The basic plan is suitable for WordPress starters, newbies as well as bloggers in search of affordable hosting solutions in the market.

BlueHost Basic Plan Pricing

  • $2.95 for 36 months
  • $3.45 for 24 months
  • $4.95 for 12 months

Features that come with Bluehost Basic Plan

  • This plan comes with a few features, as listed below.
  • You get to install one website
  • The basic plan comes with 50 GB website space and bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Over twenty parked domains and subdomains and also five email accounts and email storage as well.

Bluehost Plus Hosting Plan Reviews

Bluehost Plus Hosting plan is affordable yet modern in so many ways. The plan has all the features in the Basic Hosting plan and more including a shared hosting plan. With Plus Hosting plan, you are allowed to install an unlimited number of websites and other features like parked domains and email accounts. It is, therefore, suitable for newbie bloggers when you look at Bluehost vs GoDaddy?

Bluehost product is friendlier to people familiar with an online business, but need support to keep growing. Bloggers who are looking for hosting sites offering unlimited installation of sites using one account will find this Bluehost plan ideal for them.

BlueHost Plus Plan Pricing

  • $5.45 for 36 months
  • $6.95 for 24 months
  • $7.45 for 12 months

Yes! I Am Familiar with online business

Get Started Now

Features included in the Plus plan

  • You can install unlimited websites all under the same account. This is an upgrade from the Basic plan. You will receive unmetered website space and bandwidth.
  • You will be issued with Free SSL certificates
  • You will get one free domain for a period of up to twelve months
  • Unlimited Parked Domains and Subdomains all together
  • Unlimited Email Accounts and Email Storage for all your websites
  • Depending on the contract, you will receive a certain amount Worth Marketing Offers
  • 1 Spam Experts to handle any cases of hacking

Bluehost Choice Plus Hosting Plan Reviews

Bluehost Choice Plus is quite advanced, and the most recommended shared hosting plan that gives you various hosting features besides being affordable. Choice pro plan can be ideal for you if you are an online investor looking for a great hosting plan  You will get all the features in the Plus hosting plan along with a site backup option and other domain privacy features. You can through the Bluehost tutorial to help you get the best out of this plan. It is suitable for all bloggers, WordPress users as well as anyone searching for site backup option.

Blue Choice Plus Plan Prices

  • $5.45 for 36 months
  • $6.95 for 24 months
  • $7.45 for 12 months

Features that you get with the Choice plan

  • Install unlimited websites all under one account
  • Get unmetered website space and bandwidth for all your websites
  • Free SSL certificates for a whole year
  • 1 Free Domain for up to twelve months
  • Unlimited Parked Domains and Subdomains
  • Unlimited Email Accounts and Email Storage
  • Single Spam Expert for up to when your subscription ends
  • Single Domain Privacy for all your accounts and websites
  • Site backup is also included in this plan

Yes! I Am an online investor

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Bluehost pro Plan Reviews

Bluehost Pro is the most superior web host plan from BlueHost, and only hosting plans considered as expensive. According to Bluehost review, it is a shared hosting plan that has features such as a dedicated IP.

Pro plan is for you if you are looking for a high performing shared hosting plan. Although you will spend a little more compared to the other plans, Pro plan does not only come with all the features from the Choice Plus plan but also includes high performing servers, among other advanced features that are not available in all the other plans.

Pro plan is suitable for professional bloggers and WordPress users looking for a long term and fast services, dedicated IP features, among other advanced unique features.

Bluehost Pro Plan Prices

  • $13.95 for 36 months
  • $15.95 for 24 months
  • $18.95 for 12 months

Features that you get with Pro plan

  • You get to install unlimited websites all under one account
  • You get unmetered website space and bandwidth
  • Free premium Positive SSL certificates
  • 1 Free Domain for about twelve months
  • Unlimited Parked Domains and Subdomains for all your accounts
  • Unlimited Email Accounts and Email Storage for the period you have paid for
  • Advanced Site Backup – CodeGuard Basic
  • Dedicated IP that does not a malfunction
  • 1 Office 365 Mailbox that is usually free for the first thirty days of trial

Finding the right Bluehost plans depends on your online needs and budget. It is always advisable to spend a few dollars to get the best available product available. However, beginners can start with the Basic plan; seasoned bloggers will benefit from in Choice Plus while advanced bloggers are better off with the Pro package.

Yes! I Am a professional bloggers

Get Started Now

10 Benefits of Using Bluehost Web Hosting Services

10 Benefits of Using Bluehost Web Hosting Services

1-Bluehost Is a Reputable Hosting And Not Exiting The Industry Anytime Soon

Bluehost has been around for almost two decades now and has tons of experience in hosting websites. They are currently supporting over two million websites. This web host company partners with WordPress, one of the world's leading web design support providers. Together, they have improved online business experience for millions of investors.

It has been a common problem for many subscribers to lose access to their website due to the closure of the web hosting sites without prior warnings. You have to ensure that you deal with a web hosting business that can be trusted for your site. Go for one that has been in the industry for long and is likely to be around for the longest time possible like Bluehost, and you will never have to worry about web hosting services. Besides, you stand a chance to become a Bluehost affiliate and make extra cash as you enjoy their excellent services,

2-Bluehost is recommended by WordPress

WordPress is where most startup owners begin regardless of their knowledge of the web hosting industry. The platform enables any professional web developer to create a website with all kinds of necessary features and plugins. If you are a novice, do not feel left out as the services provided are equally distributed regardless of the web hosting knowledge you have.

The web host powers about 30% of the internet, and given how big the internet is, this is a good start. WordPress is here to stay and have Bluehost as the best and most recommended hosting site. It is a good sign, especially in this case, where the web hosting service site has a formal yet great relationship. Some Bluehost employees are sometimes picked from WordPress expert staff, meaning the two companies have a close working relationship.

3-Enables you to host unlimited domains, email addresses, and websites on your account

For a beginner, looking at Bluehost vs iPage seems like a big deal as primarily if you have never owned a website before. It means a lot as your online presence, growth, and expansion depend on it. The ideal web host service should not only host the current website but also allow you to add more websites and domains to your portfolio and not go through the hassle of changing hosting companies. Bluehost can be trusted to give you that freedom that enables you to grow as much as you would wish without spending more than you had intended to.

4-A 30-day money-back guarantee for all clients

Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for you if not fully satisfied with their services after trying them out. The reimbursement serves as a guarantee to reassure you that Bluehost has the best options you can never find online.

Go for this 30-day trial, and if unhappy with the services, which will not always be the case, you can ask for your money back. In most cases, from experience, any company willing to stand behind their products with this kind of guarantee are the ones that know beyond any reasonable doubt that it will always work for you.

5-No downtime All Year Round

Downtime can be devastating, especially when working on a tight schedule. Look for a web host that has minimal to zero downtime generally. Downtime might make your website inaccessible to users. Therefore, prioritize on a consistent pattern of uptime by choosing a hosting provider that does not disappoint you in the long run. Bluehost has minimum downtime and is therefore ranked as the best hosting company around the world. Its test site is live throughout.

6-Low Pricing

Starting prices are low and keep reducing in favor of new clients all the time. For a small fee, you will get everything you need for a single website. Some of the things you get include free storage, unmetered bandwidth, among others. This is the best deal you can get, especially when working on a tight budget. Their consistent uptime and speed at which the pages load will be worth what you pay for.

The starting price might drop further each time, depending on when you will be paying for your first domain. Lowering the prices does not change the quality of services offered; on the contrary, you as their client always end up getting the best. Bluehost team wants to ensure that you get the best experience at the lowest rates available.

7-Great Security Options

Besides being the most likely affordable option in the market, Bluehost reassures clients of high security on their information. Client confidentiality is key to the company, and it has been noted that there has not been any short cuts or foul play that might tamper with security.

Issuance of Bluehost free SSL by default after payment is an assurance of good security options. All the private information entered when signing up for a domain is safe and remains private. Your information is free from accessibility by hackers and other malware attacks. These kinds of attacks are common when working online.

But Bluehost provides code guards that offer added protection and with which you can access previous versions of the site you are working on. Google also provides backup security via the spam protection tool for your email and keeps anything suspicious away from your inbox.

8.Various Integrations and Other Features

Bluehost provides access to quite a wide range of apps for you to access the most popular services on the web. There is a feature that gives you the option to buy and manage various domains through them. You can set the frequency that suits you best, and your data will be backed up depending on your settings. Bluehost can also host your images and other files and deliver them to users much faster.

9-Bluehost offers web hosting services for all.

Bluehost is not only used by beginners but also by staunch web design developers. Its vital vision is to ensure that you feel safe when working on the web. This is supported by investing in various open-source projects, teaching and instilling web civility to users, and ensuring its services are accessible to people regardless of their age and ethnicity.

Bluehost offers clients live chats around the clock and various email accounts in case of any urgent queries or concerns. The first year after signing up with Bluehost, you are given a free domain and only start charging after that. Bluehost heavily relies on data and overall customer support. Upon payment of the first domain, improved security is guaranteed, backups, and an assurance that your website is free from any harm of getting hacked.


In addition to the above top reasons to choose Bluehost over other web hosting services, it is one of the easiest to navigate. When compared to other services, it is clear to see why it has millions of users. A simple look at Inmotion vs Bluehost reveals how people can get started with Bluehost by contacting their support. However, they are always available for anyone with a problem or need more advice on their various web hosting plans.


  • It is affordable and has plans for everyone regardless of their budget.
  • Plans come with free domains
  • All plans offer generous storage space
  • Traffic to your website is not limited
  • Guarantee users high speed and excellent performance
  • multiple domain hosting
  • Comes with free Bluehost free SSL, marketing credit and dedicated IPS


  • Starting prices are affordable, but get higher for those looking for long-term commitments between 12 and 36 months.
  • No migration service for free

Frequently Asked Questions

Bluehost is always changing, what is wrong?

Bluehost comes with optimized features and designs, which ease the management of your website.

When does my account get updated?

Bluehost rolls out any new changes continuously throughout until all the clients can enjoy the new changes.

Do my password and username change due to any migration process in Bluehost?

No, you keep using your old username and password.

Does my website take long to appear in the search engines?

There is no specific time that a site can take to appear in search engines. It may take a few days, weeks, or months. However, it is possible to make more SEO friends and quicken the process. This includes content creation and some technical aspects.

How do I join the Bluehost affiliate?

It is easy, you simply sign up at www.bluehost.com/affiliates.  You are then sent a tracking link via email along with other helpful information to help you earn some commission.


Bluehost is one of the best web hosting companies you will come across online. You can try checking Bluehost vs GoDaddy or Bluehost vs iPage, but Bluehost has a number of advantages over other providers. One of them is use of the latest technology, which enables them to deliver the best services.  Bluehost stays on the radar of their clients because they guarantee excellent performance and deliver it.

No doubt, Bluehost will remain relevant in 2020 and many years to come in the web hosting industry. It offers continued support to open source software including WordPress. This is one of the top reasons; Bluehost is a name to reckon with when it comes to web host services.

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