June 7, 2021


How to Make Money by Live Streaming in 6 Easy Ways

Do you still amaze about how to make revenue streaming and whether there is an easy way to make money online? There is! In fact, there are numerous ways. Here, in this article, you can learn how to simply monetize your own information or proficiency by steadily going live on your YouTube channel or Facebook page.

Years ago, making money from home was not even heard of. Earning money earlier meant you require to break your back as a worker or corporate owner. Appreciations to now’s scientific progressions, anyone can effortlessly make revenue online from home. Wondering how to earn money by live streaming? Broadcasting has permitted specialists in numerous fields to get paid for their information even when they are not actually present. In the US, grown persons watch approximately five hours of videos in a day conferring to a Nielsen survey in 2018. Though investigation and marketplaces trust that the worth of the live video streaming industry will rise to $70 billion by 2021.


Earn with your live stream

This means the number of persons looking for live video content in the marketplace will only raise in the coming future. Trainers, advisors, and even proprietors of existing stores have resorted to living to stream to join with clients and other spectators. That is because more and more persons have found live transmissions to be further reachable, amusing, and cooperative in attaining their own goals.

Thanks to living streaming tools, reaching out to a new viewer and appealing to potential clients can now be done with only a click of a button. You do not have to purchase silly luxurious equipment anymore to go live on the internet. You will be expressing your first life in no time and earn money by live streaming. The query now is how to make revenue on Facebook live or YouTube live and how to make money from your content? If you’re knowledgeable in a certain niche, then you can definitely create content around that and go live with it on Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms. Once you have established your live streaming setup, you can make money from your video in these easy ways. Here are some 6 simple methods you can do with live streaming.

  • Generate traffic to your main page
  • Earn money by means of video advertisement
  • Taking contributions
  • Get paid with the help of sponsorships
  • Pay-Per-View
  • Live Selling

    1. Generate traffic to your main page

    Live streaming may not be your first venture into monetizing your skilled information. You may previously be handling a weblog or internet site already. That is not problematic. You can certainly go on a live transmission to straight traffic to your current site. It is a good way to figure your business brand as well. An alternative way to generate traffic to your site is to inscribe a blog post on a theme related to your live transmission. You can share this article with your viewers with the help of chatbots. The most famous chatbot is Manychat. In this way, you will be able to promote your site to your audiences without sounding like a salesy weirdo.


    Increase your traffic by attracting viewers

    Do not overlook to share the link of your website in the description section as well as demonstrate it visually on the screen. You can also use other sources like Bitly link for your website precisely for the live stream to control how much traffic you get from it. Camera confidence trainer Molly Mahoney used her live streams to redirect her viewers to her online lectures and was able to generate a seven-digit income.

    2. Earn money by means of video advertisements

    You have possibly observed a clip or two being introduced into a YouTube video you are viewing and delayed 5 seconds to be able to bounce it. Those quick clips are really ads that support content makers earn. Meanwhile, it is one of the simplest ways to set up, nearly every content maker has them in their videos.


    Video Advertisement

    There are 2 popular methods to earn money with the help of these sorts of ads:

    • Early, middle, and post rolls. These short clips can be placed before, during, and after your live stream. Taking them on your show would just be like viewing cable TV for your audiences. Though, they may end up going your transmission out when an ad begins playing.
    • Posters or companion commercials. They display at the below of the stream that induces your viewers to click. But they can also be as simply detached.

    3. Taking contributions

    Your audiences can send you gifts while you are live. You can set up an outward contribution link that your viewers can click on or use YouTube’s Super Chat. Super Chat permits audiences to pin their remarks by paying for them or by buying super stickers. Audiences generally do this to get observed by the streamer or just to express their care.


    Super chat option on YouTube

    4. Get paid with the help of sponsorships


    Picture is showing the scene of earning money by sponsorship

    To get rewarded to stream you may need an important following on social media or viewers in your blog or on your page. That is because brands work together with you to ratify their goods or service throughout your live stream. In the meantime, there are a lot of publicists in the marketplace right now, you will be able to get supports deprived of too much bother. Corporations know supports are resistant to AdBlock and are comparatively much less worrying than outdated marketing.

    The alternate method which is known as the affiliate program is also very helpful. Sign up for an affiliate program to earn each time a supporter buys a product you recommended on your live stream. When you get permitted, you will be provided a vanity link to you can share with your audience throughout your demonstration. It is very much the same with a Partners Program feature. You get encouragement with every signup or sale your link produces. With BeLive, you can make money with the Invite-A-Friend package. All you need to do is praise the product while you are live and share your link to your supporters to get some amount of money I the form of commission.


    Earn money by inviting your friends

    5. Pay-Per-View

    Many meetings have been annulled because of coronavirus but that does not mean managers cannot make money anymore. You can establish a virtual meeting or conference, charge an entrance fee and make revenue through live streaming. It is generally the same as face-to-face events. Audiences will still get value from the reciters and online events just like when they pay for vouchers in natural life. Making live content and vending tickets for it is becoming more exciting by the day. The admiration of streaming is on the top, and even the platforms that were usually nervous with content acceptance are taking up live streaming. With that, new chances for content making are opening. There are many websites that will permit you to do that, such as TicketSpice which can be combined with YouTube live or Facebook live and with BeLive, everyone can go live to both at the same time.


    How much you can earn with views?

    There are persons with all sorts of comforts and interests that are moving to live streams to study and swap views with like-minded persons. If you can make content that is interesting to them, that is how you earn money streaming. Foremost, you have to be able to make content which individuals will hunger to pay to watch. That generally means some height of poshness or at least something that will make it diverse from anything that is previously accessible for free. You need a stand that permits you to sell vouchers to streams.

    6. Live Selling

    If you want to go the traditional way to some extent, then live to sell would be the faultless way to earn money online by streaming. The live feature of BeLive lets you show what you are presenting on-screen complete with the explanation and amount of your products.  BeLive’s Live Sales option just made selling your goods although you are live even easier. Now, every time you represent your product onscreen, you can mechanically send a link to the thing in the remarks section. You do not have to send the link by hand or use bots to share it with your audiences anymore. This new option makes live selling so much relaxed for you to do and supports you to concentrate more on your live transmission. It also proposes a more pleasurable shopping experience for your audiences.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question no 1: What apparatus do you require to live stream?

    Following are the seven streaming requirements you will need to start live streaming.

    1. Laptop
    2. Camera
    3. Software
    4. Internet Access
    5. Streaming Channels
    6. Microphone
    7. Audio Mixer

    Question no 2: Is YouTube live free?

     About live streaming to YouTube. Just about anybody with an Internet connection can make a YouTube channel without any kind of fee and live stream to it, but your network must first be confirmed and cannot have any live stream limitations in the last 3 months.

    Question no 3: Do I need more than one computer to stream?

    An up-to-date gaming PC should be sufficient to show your gameplay or any other thing to the internet, but another computer can support to make a finer streaming experience. You can even repurpose deep-rooted computer hardware to attain this, assuming it has the least specifications for the streaming stand of your selection.

    Question no 4: How powerful does a streaming computer have to be?

    As far as specs go, it is recommended that you PC should have:

    • At least an Intel Core i5-4670 processor (or its AMD equivalent)
    • 8GB of RAM
    • Windows 7 or higher.

    Note: You can also stream from a Mac.

    Question no 5: What is BeLive?

    BeLive is the simplest livestreaming stand for Facebook & YouTube to raise your reach and increase your sales. Use the BeLive application to be the element of a live BeLive broadcast on Facebook Live. You, the visitor, will seam your host's live transmission by invitation.

    Question no 6: Is streaming a decent career option?

    If anyone enjoys interrelating with other persons, amusing others and consuming a flexible timetable then yes, streaming can be a good career for him.


    There are lots of people are earning through live streaming. You can also become one of them. There are six simplest ideas has shared with you in this article. You can pick one of them or all to start your career as a live streamer. Every one of these monetization possibilities will work remarkably for you, depending on your requirement and competencies. Every choice has advantages and as well as disadvantages but you can try testing with them yourself. You are not limited to just one way either. You have the selection to try whatever may work finest for you. If you really want to earn money through streaming, then you should make your endpoint and find the greatest way to reach them.

    I hope this article has facilitated you and provided you the information you wanted to earn money by live streaming. If you have anything else that you would like to add, please tell me in the comment section. Thank You!


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