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How to Become A Virtual Assistant In 5 Easy Steps?

If you want to turn out to be a virtual assistant who makes money from home, you have to learn the fundamentals about how to become a virtual assistant and what abilities you need. Anyone can become a virtual assistant and earn revenue to do what they want. First of all, the question arises who is a virtual assistant? The answer is, a virtual assistant is a freelancer who offers online help by working from home. He or she delivers services to persons or companies, but they do not go actually into their customer’s workplaces. The job of a virtual assistant is to work from home.


Becoming a virtual assistant

There are hundreds of people who are working as virtual assistants from their favourite places like home and earning huge amounts of money. Only in the UK, more than 2500 virtual assistants are working for more than 13000 companies and growing their business to maximum heights. One of the most famous virtual assistants Kayla Sloan is earning more than $10,000 per month, while working from home.

What are the responsibilities of Virtual Assistant?

In any business, there is a lot of work to do, but not all firms can rent an individual for every job. Most start-ups do not have enough resources to hire full-time staff. So, they frequently subcontract some of their jobs to these virtual assistants. There is a diversity of jobs for a virtual assistant to do and there is no boundary to this diversity. Here are some of the duties of virtual assistant:

  • Answer to emails and phone calls
  • Arrange meetings
  • Book travel and housings
  • Manage a contact list
  • Make client spreadsheets and save online histories
  • Establish managers’ calendars
  • Make market research
  • Make presentations, as allocated
  • Discourse employees’ managerial queries
  • Deliver client service as primary point of contact

    Now let us get started. If you are fully motivated and ready to start earning from this month, following are the phases that will help you to make money as a newbie virtual assistant in just 5 easy steps.

    1. Find your ideal client and follow them on social media
    2. Offer VA services to clients
    3. Make a website or portfolio
    4. Charge by the hour rate
    5. Never stops learning

    1. Look for your perfect customers and follow them on social media

    Searching your first customer is a bit creepy for the reason is that you are putting yourself out there and sense like you have no freaking clue what you are undertaking. Hesitation starts to creep in and you are doubting why someone in the world would pay you for your skill and services. This is why it is clever to start out as a VA by leveraging a side skill. What does this stand for? The most rapid way to start getting money is to market a talent you previously know. This can be founded on previous experience, job documentation, or previous information. So, at the end of this phase, your duty is just to find out the client and do not forget to follow them on social media.


    Search for Customers


    • Turn something you previously know how to do into the basis for your VA business. If you went to university for accountancy, start a bookkeeping or numerical organization business.
    • Leverage your previous knowledge to display skills that are already in your CV.

    2. Offer VA services to clients

    Once you have a potential job you want to apply for, you want a summary of services or packages of your present offerings. There are extremely boundless responsibilities and services you can propose to other businesspersons:

    • Email administration
    • Social media arrangement
    • Advertising and webinars
    • Blog supervision
    • E-book promotion and guest blogging,
    • Freelance writing
    • Editing and copywriting
    • Investigating and fact-checking

    Narrow down your attention by only offering 1-3 packages founded on previous knowledge and work your way up from there. Make the list of main tasks for each, start/end times, what each package and rate comprise, any payment details, a customer reference, and a link to your portfolio.

    3. Make a website or portfolio

    Once you have your make list of VA services you can use this to support create the packages/offerings on an internet site or portfolio page. If you do not have a services page of some sort, it is time to set one up. This can be termed a “work with me” page, “hire me” page, or anything else. You want to give latent customers a place to view your services and see if you are the best fit, as well as making it foolishly calm for them to interact with you.


    Portfolio Template

    There are two instances of converting Service pages:

    • See Kristin’s hire me page. She worked on obviously defining her packages, enhancing her page, and updating her rates. And because of this she newly had her best revenue month yet.
    • My hire me page is enhanced for the hunt term virtual assistant so when anyone kinds that expression into Google, my page is one of the first results.

    A list for your Service page to become a virtual assistant:

    • Who you are and what you deliver?
    • Previous knowledge, samples, portfolio
    • Present and previous clients
    • Contributions, services, packages
    • Themes, industry, etc
    • Present rates (or preliminary rates)
    • Testimonials from present clients
    • Contact forms

    4. Charge by the hour rate

    In the starting stages of delivering VA services, it is finest to charge customers by the hour. It is problematic to fully comprehend how rapidly you work and how long sure developments will take you. Do not put yourself in the place of working for hours and days and not receiving correctly compensation for it.

    Once you know how long the kinds of services you propose take you, and the whole quantity of work they involve, you should switch to a monthly payment or flat rate in its place of accusing by the hour. For email supervision work you may previously know that it will take you 1-2 hours per day, 5 days a week, so you could propose this service for a flat $400 per calendar week (which works out to be $40 an hour). Some VA work is calmer to identify how much work is complicated while others are more intangible and will take some trial and fault.


    According to research, average virtual assistant

    The current rate for VA work starts at $20 per hour and can be as much as $50 per hour. You can receive a much lesser rate but typically this is only clever if you are very inexpert. After that, it is significant to raise your values and ask for raises frequently. The more dedicated your VA contributions are, the more per hour you can charge.

    It also hangs on your customer and their business of work. A non-profit-making customer won’t be able to afford closely as much as a monetary company can. Don’t be frightened to twitch out charging by the hour and then switch to a smooth rate. This will permit you to have more liberty with how you devote your time and cut back on your management hours when making bills at the end of the calendar month.

    5. Never stop learning


    Never Stop Learning

    A significant part of becoming a virtual assistant is that you are continuously learning and refining your craft. Online business proprietors and businesspersons often need support with tech-related difficulties and challenging out new social stages or business tools. Though, in order to do this efficiently it’s significant to never stop learning. You should frequently be participating in yourself, improving your services, and growing your knowledge. This can be done through listening to podcasts, understanding business books, and devoting in classes and courses.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question no 1: What is the work of virtual assistant?

    A virtual assistant is a freelance employee who dedicates himself to offer managerial services to customers from a distant location, generally a home office. A virtual assistant might do distinctive responsibilities which include setting up appointments, making phone calls, making travel preparations, and handling email accounts.

    Question no 2: How qualified are you to start your career as a virtual assistant?

    A virtual assistant has to be expert in:

    1. Business acumen to support, initiate and grow your own company.
    2. Outstanding communication, personal and interacting skills.
    3. Excessive logistic and project supervision skills.

    Question no 3: What qualities you have to be a virtual assistant?

    A virtual assistant must have following qualities:

    1. Word processing skills.
    2. Verbal communication and scripting skills
    3. Computer skills.
    4. Self-motivation and discipline.
    5. Fast thinking and actual decision making.
    6. Finally, thirst for nonstop learning.

    Question no 4: How to select your VA niche?

    You can choose your niche with the help of these simple steps:

    1. Estimate your passions and skills.
    2. Figure out if there is a marketplace for your niche.
    3. Concentrate on your niche.
    4. See the race for yourself.
    5. Exam your niche.

    Question no 5: Is becoming a virtual assistant an easy job?

    No, becoming a virtual assistant is not easy as it seems, if you are not a certainly determined or interested person, you might struggle.

    Question no 6: What software do virtual assistants use?

    Google Apps is one of the most extensively used professional app in the world.


    Being a Virtual Assistant has numerous benefits, but still needs you to uphold a positive amount of professionalism. An outstanding virtual assistant will save time and cash by doing the minor responsibilities for business persons and doing them precisely and with high excellence. If you grip the virtual assistant properly, it will be a boom in your business.

    There is a large supply of talented and experienced virtual assistant to support at any stage of your business. If you would like to find out more about signing a virtual assistant, please reflect on someone from VP Virtual Assistants. You can study more by filling out an easy online form.

    I hope this article has facilitated you and provided you the information you wanted to get started your career as a virtual assistant. If you have anything else that you would like to add, please tell me in the comment section. Thank You!

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