How To Start A Blog For Free In 2021

How To Start Blogging With Easy Steps

How to start a blog for free in 2020

Do you want to earn money online? Do you think about ways and means for the purpose? With the development of computer technology, there has been a considerable change with innovations to earn online.

The first, foremost, and secure method to make online is blogging.

If you have a creative mind and you are capable of demonstrating new concepts, you can start a blog and earn a hefty amount of money through growing traffic of your blog and showing ads on your blog.

But how to start a blog for free,

I was ambitious to find easy ways to earn money with my creative expertise and skills. So I started a blog, and I was miraculous; I received a lot in my blogging career, and in fact, people are creating blogs, publishing engaging posts, and are grabbing passive income in the form of Google Adword and other affiliate links.

I learned how to create a blog for freeand it was something new. I realized that people should be trained with comprehensive tutorials, to begin with, the idea of starting a blog with no investment.

As a result, this free step by step guide is here for you.

If you follow the instructions, you may begin to an engaging blog, boost traffic, and earn money in the long run, and it is not something complicated.

Why Starting A Blog

Starting a blog is a good idea because you will communicate an idea or approach or message through your blog. Your blog will build a community for the purpose.

You may get insights about our brand or thoughts from viewers and followers. You may explain your ideas about your service, product, or approach.

A blog can be a source of information, education, promotion, and sale, but you need to determine the purpose of your blog in the early phase of starting your blog.

There are different reasons for starting a blog and conveying your thoughts to subscribers and imparting things crucial information.

-Enhancing your writing and creative skills

-To boost and publicize your expertise

-Communicate with people who have the same interests

-Making money blogging

-Increasing your confidence

How Can You Make Money Through Blogging

You can earn money through blogging in different ways. Here are some methods in this respect:

  • Selling products through affiliate links
  • Marketing
  • Placing ads and getting a compensations

If you want to take a quick start, you must follow these steps. Before going into details, it is vital to summarize the blogging instructions.

For generating passive income, you may review these steps, with learning all these instructions; you may create a blog in almost half an hour.

  • CMS and blogging platform
  • Perfect web hosting and customized domain name
  • Blog design and layout
  • Multiple resources and content

The 6 Steps of how to start a blog for free

1-Choose Your Blog Niche

2-Choose The Best Blogging Platform

3-Find the right theme and blog layout

4-Write content and promote your blog

5-Promoting Your Blog

6-How to make money  through blogging

How To Find Your Blog Niche

blog niche is a crucial step for any blogger. You need to go through thorough research before you plan your content for blogging.

There are some factors you need to take into account for this purpose. You must select a niche or category which is easy for you, and you have skill in that niche.

You must figure out how to make it excellent and profitable. You must consider your prospective readers and ideal viewers.

You should choose a topic on which you write often and have the necessary qualification in that niche.

In Niche blogging, we create a blog to publicize a particular product, service and ideas relate to a specific market, you may easily monetize the niche blogs with ads, and affiliate links.

In this way and through particular strategies, you may make it an earning blog.

Why Finding A Niche Is The Key To Small Business Success

The right niche is essential for your blogging career. If you select the right niche which has market demand with the right keywords, you may make it successful.

You need to have superior experience in your chosen title.

So you should develop your blog on the topic which you like the best. You should be emotional, passionate with expertise in that topic.

How to choose a niche for your blog! You must strive for the best and recognition. In this way, you may make your blog distinct and innovative, which may get traffic and receive the appreciation of viewers.

What platform is best for blogging

After you have selected your blog niche, you need to choose the best blogging platform that suits your needs. You must conduct research and also determine what content management comes up to your desires.

You may go for a self-hosted and free blog; there are different options for you to choose from. There are various blogging platforms, and you may go through the best one.

There are different open platforms available. Here are my 10 best free blogging platforms

The 9 Best Free Blogging Platforms

our Pick
wordpress logo 1280 scaled


Blogger logo


our Pick




Webstarts logo


our Pick


Nation2 logo




For new ambitions bloggers, there are free blogging and content management platforms. These free blog platforms include Word Press, Blogger, and Tumblr.

If you choose free platforms, you may use the platform with your custom name with the platform hosting.

It means you don't need to buy a hosting service or domain name. But you may have some restrictions.

They have control over your blog, and you need to follow specific rules and conditions of the platform.

It is the best choice for beginners and bloggers who want to create a blog for free,  support articles, or generate free traffic.

4 Best Paid Blogging Platforms

what is the difference between self hosted and hosted cms

With self-hosted platforms, you may develop your blog with your domain. You must register your domain name and buy web hosting from a hosting service provider.

There are several domain registrar websites, such as Namehero, Ipage, Sitegroud, or Bluehost. Similarly, you may purchase web hosting for your blog. You need to pay some money, but you have full control over your blog.

There are different self-hosted content management platforms, and you may choose the best one.

The most popular among the CMS platforms is WordPress. In the self-hosted blog, you may have the option to own your domain name and hosting.

In the self-hosted platform, you have the copyrights of articles, pictures, and videos. There are undoubtedly some benefits of self-hosting platforms, and if you are an advanced blogger, you may start with this option. 

You must know how to create a blog on WordPress.

WordPress is a popular blogging platform. It empowers almost ¼ websites in the world with millions of users. If you want to start a word press blog, here is how to start a WordPress blog.

what is the best website domain host providers

Your domain name is your online name; you need to choose a unique internet address with relevance to niche you is blogging with.

The people will search you through typing your internet address or search you with relevant keywords. The highly popular domain name is .com. but you can work with other extensions too.

There are different domain name sellers, and you may buy one such as



Bluehost is the leading provider of hosting services to small businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs. We have been in business since 2003 and we are so confident that your website will be up and running within minutes after signup that we offer a money-back guarantee. You can try us risk free!

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You can build anything from a personal blog to an online store with ipage – all at one low price! Plus, every plan comes with free domain name registration for life*, so once you pick out your perfect domain name (like www.mybusinessnamehere), it will be yours forever without having to pay extra fees each year like other hosts charge. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!



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Just host

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After you have acquired the domain name, you may buy a hosting service Like Namehero, Bluehost, or Siteground, there are different hosting service providers.

If you choose the wrong hosting, there may be problems for you, and you may get the best hosting service for your blog.

3-Find The Right Theme And Blog Layout

You need to design a fantastic front end of your blog. Its layout and theme should be ending. It should be eye-catching and practical.

Obviously, the visitor will come to your blog, and a well-designed blog catches more visitors. Your visitor should not be discouraged by non-natural and unpractical colors and design.

When you install your word press encoder, you need to start your search for an attractive theme; your viewer will first land on the landing page, its appearance, and look.

Here are some tips for searching for and choosing the best idea.

-Description: you need to go through the description of the theme and check if it meets your requirements.

-Responsiveness: you must opt for a responsive blog and design. It should work on all platforms.

-Rating: when you check the details, you will see ratings and reviews. It will give you a clear idea of the theme.

After installing a theme, you may customize it. Add content, text, and videos to make a fabulous first look.

There are choices for free, premium, and custom themes when you are designing a blog.

If you are a seasoned blogger, you may perhaps not go with free themes. You may go for customized themes to enhance the look and feel of your blog.

There are two choices available for you, buy premium or custom themes. You may have to pay a few bucks for the purpose.

Both single and dedicated websites have these themes. And a coder and designer create custom themes. Though these have some added advantages, if you are a beginner, you may not opt for these themes.

How to customize Blog theme

It is quite exciting to install and set up a new Word Press theme. You should now all this happens in the back end. You may customize your theme in Word press blog management system.

You have options for installation in the dashboard after logging in to your WP account you may install the themes. And customize whenever you want. You can change the existing theme, and in this way, your website layout is completed.

Now your website is perfect with design and layout.

You will see a welcome message as you are logging in. Now you may choose what type of website you want.

4-How To Write Content And Promote Your Blog.

How to write your first blog post! Now your blog is ready after you have grabbed a domain name, and chosen a blog site along with theme, design, and layout. The basic structure of your log is finished. Here comes a moment of truth.

You should get an insight into blog content. But what is blog content? Any useful information that you spread through your blog is termed as blog content.

The content engages your viewers, subscribers, and boosts interaction on your blog. It causes an increase in your blog traffic and visits. If your content has a positive value, the visitors come again and again.

Now you should elaborate on the type of content you want to demonstrate to the general public. You should figure out the best practices for the content that you will follow.

There will be different forms of content in your blog. It includes words, images, graphs, audio, and video. But how to write a good blog post!

  • You will use the content as a tool to draw the crowd. If it is engaging with a value, you may attract more and more. You cannot do without creative and innovative content.
  • You should bring well designed structured blog content to give a boost. You must follow the code
  • There are some important things related to blog content. These beneficial practices are as under:

Why is it important to know your audience

Your blog should address a particular audience and provide useful information related to their interests in a significant manner.

You should stick the idea you have developed and try to take it to excellence. You must not address yourself but address the prospective audience and bring something they appreciate.

Why you should make your content available 

You should make your content available to the people who need it and offer surprisingly and attractively.

Quality of content and presentation play an equal role. Do not go for cheap and low-quality content, graphics, and other types.

You must attract the audience and inspire them with your innovative thoughts. You may learn how to write a blog post fast through certain tools.

Commercial point of view

Your blog has a purpose. The end goal of your venture is earning money. But never get t commercial.

You may upload ads and affiant links but never overwhelm with pop up ado and banner ads.

You should give priority to your content, and you prove to be a real inspiration for users.

  • When you become an owner of your blog, you have a variety of content and options to deliver it to your viewers. You should ensure that your content is unique, and it is quality content.
  • Methods of presentation are lesser important. But how to create engaging content for your audience? You must follow these simple steps to create great content.
  • Main idea: you should state the underlying objective and concept you are covering.
  • Example: try to give examples to prove your approach
  • Performance: for the functionality of your idea, tell the method

There are two blocks you need to worry about, pre-launch and post-launch contents:

  • Static pages

You will obviously update your blog content on a daily base. But before doing so, you should ensure that your static pages, which give all information about your content, are loaded with suitable content. The static pages include different types of permanent pages and sidebar, footers, and headers. Here is all that re relating to static pages.

    • About Us

    About us, the page is a traditional page that has immense importance and vitality. It tells the audience about the nature of your blog and you. It describes the views of your mission and vision of starting the specific blog. The vizier has an insight into the niche, content, services, and ideas you are going to offer via this blog.

    • Contact information

    You gave the prospective subscribers your contact information. You upload your mobile no, email address, and social links on that page. You can also upload a contact form, and in this way, your viewer may contact you with no hassle.

    • Sidebar

    You have sidebars that depend on your blog layout; you describe different blog categories in sidebars and also accessible and recent posts. You may leave place for ads n the sidebar too.

    • SEO Meta Tags

    Obviously, you want to SEO your blog content to rank higher n search engines. You will write SEO titles and Meta description for each page and category. Though it is not your actual page, it has importance.

    Day to day content

    • Blog posts

    The articles and posts you write on your blog are termed as blog posts. You may use words, images, and videos. It has different types following blog niche. You update and renovate it from time to time with new ideas.

    • Evergreen content

    It is content that never fades. It has a long-lasting value with a freshness and validity. It is updated after many years. It needs to be informative and original with universal exposure. It is indeed the cornerstone of your blog.

    Don't ever consider that written material is content. You may opt for other content forms and import your audience fun and engagement and gain the necessary information.

    You must take help from your creativity and information to impart your content with an original touch and quality. You must benefit from your imaginative power to boost its performance. You must make your content unique to build your audience comfortable with it.

    5-How to Promote your blog

    Now we are going to discuss how to promote your content. Explicitly bringing an audience to your blog is essential.

    You write plagiarism free, creative content that the visitor never saw before. You have designed the layout with a fantastic look.

    Now you are selling your story. If all this is done and no one has access to your content, and none has heard about your blog, your struggle is a vain job.

    You must market and promote your blog content to catch current and prospective readers. You must be an expert marketer.

    You may use some techniques to take your blog to the world and boost your readership; here are some quality, advanced and well-thought market and promotion strategies to get more and more audience.

    Here is how to get people to read your blog.

    Spread your word in your circle

    You must tell your friends, colleagues, and others in your circle about your endeavor.

    Email your blog content and also load it in the social media profiles.

    In this way, you spread the word, and the people have an opportunity to find your blog content.

    Submitting in search engines consoles

    You may help the search engines find your blog. The simple way is to submit it in webmaster tools of Google and bang. You need to sign in with Google account and submit it in Google search console. Also, do so in Bing and yahoo.

    Bookmarking websites

    Many bookmarking websites offered content for potential uses for a particular niche. You should submit every post link to these sites after you publish it. You may search these sites on the internet.

    Be active in your niche

    You may promote your blog in related blogs, forums, and social networks. You may connect with other bloggers relevant to your niche and boost your circle. Engaging with them, building relations, and helping each other may grow your blog content.

    Social media activity

    You should boost your activity on social media. Social media connections, followers may spread your content further. Post your blog content links on related groups, pages, and channels that fit your niche and style.

    Blog comments

    You may grow your audience through blog comment that is relevant to your content. It is an excellent tool to build relationships within your category. It will take you to a new audience, and you may develop your brand within your niche.

    Guest blogging

    Guest posts are n amazing technique to rank your blog in the search engines. You must opt for reputable and high authority websites for this purpose. It should be related to your niche. You may build an online presence through gust blogging.

    Mailing list

    You should develop and create a mailing list to obtain a new fan and audience. You may frequently notify them of new posts and articles; you may build your trust and start with promotional offers.

    Paid traffic

    You may get paid traffic with appropriate and reputable paid media. It will boost your blog on social media and impart your exposure and attention.

    There are several paid traffic tools like Google Adword and Facebook ads and promotions.

    There are different methods, strategies, and ways to gain more and more audience. But be careful about basic things.

    High quality, original, and creative content! You must write articles with focused and helpful information, and you may give practice advice. In this way, you may build your reliability.

    Validity and reputation in the niche! It is how to grow your blog.

    6-How to make money  through blogging

    After you have all completed the blog setup and uploaded the content, you can now monetize your blog. The monetization turns your blog activity into earning. But keep one thing in mind.

    Making money is not your sole objective. You may create useful articles and other content types to engage the audience so that they visit your blog again and again.

    Great content and engagement in your niche may give you an upper hand over the others. You will be recognized as an expert and may have considerable exposure and followers.

    Then the time comes for generating income from your blog.

    How to monetize your blog

    But how to do it! There are different ways and options for you to generate income from your blog. The channels allow you to get paid for ads, affiliate links, and other services. Here are some common ways you may get paid

    Placing ads on your blog

    You may opt for this choice. You have the possibility of running ads on your blog. Different companies may place advertisements according to the niche you are writing in. The ads serve the marketing tool for the advertiser.

    There are various ways you can get paid for the add Google Ad-sense is the most reliable choice for the purpose. If you sign up for Ad-sense, Google will display ads and may pay you per click on the announcement from your blog.

    Google ad sense has specific terms that you need to follow.

    Affiliate programs

    The other most popular way of earning money is enrolling for affiliate programs. You promote different products on your blog and every hefty commission for every sale that is one from your blog.

    Before you register for an affiliate program, you need to consider some aspects of this program.

    • Your sales depend on the number of visitors.
    • Your blog should have a reputation and validity for the purpose.
    • You need t place a notice that you use affiliate links.
    • There are different platforms for affiliate earning. The Amazon Associate program is the most popular among them.

    Sale of different products and services

    You may become an entrepreneur and an innovative service provider. You may cell your products and services through your blog and generate money.

    You may use your exposure for selling your services and products and may benefit from your readership, authority, and popularity. You may install a related plug-in in your blog.

    The most common plug-in in WordPress is the woo-commerce plug-in. You have product pages, carts, payment systems, and sale checkouts with this plug-in.

    EBook writing and selling

    Among different opportunities to earn money from your blog, it is another creative method. You may make money by offering a downloadable eBook on your blog.

    You can sell it independently. You need to make your blog commercial for the purpose. You can cell this eBook anywhere.

    Amazon offers some EBook creation and selling opportunities with its Kindle Direct Publishing system.

    Sponsored posts

    You may create posts on others' behalf and post it on your blog. It is called a sponsored post. Some business people promote their products and services in this manner.

    You may earn additional money in this way. You may become a professional in your category, and advertisers may use your blog for specific posts and pay you cash. It is another way for earning money through your blog

    As you have seen, there are different opportunities and methods for you to generate income from your blog. You must think about the best possible and work on it, and you may choose the way that your audience is interested in.

    From the beginning, you must create a mailing list through subscriptions, and now you may be able to recommend different products. You may get the best out of your blog in this way and may generate income from your popularity and convert your blog traffic into sales and get profit.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do you know about a blog?

    It is a universal term used on the internet, and most of the people don't know about it in real sense. In the early days of the internet, it was also called weblog; you may call it a digital magazine newscast and a demonstration of your art. It may be a teaching hub and a place where you learn different things.

    There may be articles, images, videos, and various types of media in a blog. Readers may leave comments and contact the blog owner. Dialogue and interaction is the foundation of a blog.

    Can I create a blog for free?

    You may start a free blog without any hassle. Different blogging platforms offer this opportunity where you can create free blogs and also earn money through monetization. You need to register an account and begin the blogging process. Here are popular sites for free


    You will use your name and the leading blogger site name. For example, your blog on blogger will be in this  You are subject to some terms and conditions, and the leading platform has control over your blog. Word press blogs are popular these days. It is a simple and easy way of earning money.

      • What is a niche, and how to choose it?

      A niche is a particular topic for your blog.

      You write the article, post pictures, and media on a specific topic. It is your blog niche.

      There are numerous blog niches, including health, lifestyle, plants, sex, and much more. You write on it, give advice, and become an expert. It is related to your interests and hobbies. It is the topic that fascinates you, and you can express something about it. You may have musical talent or love for farming. You may write how-to articles in your niche and describe specific products.

      • What should be my topic for the blog?

      Do not ever think that you can earn money easily through a blog. The first thing is finding a unique topic, and people are interested in it. Then you conduct comprehensive research on the subject and become an authority. You write about the creative idea about that topic and show it to your audience. Don't ever write about the text, which you don't know much. You must love and follow your topic until the end. You should satisfy your blog users through your posts and impart them unique information. Only then you may be a successful blogger.

      • Which is the best blog site?

      As you know, there are different blogging sites. They offer you some opportunities to create free blogs. But which is the top blog website? Based on my own comprehension and research, I will support the word press. It is accessible on the global level. It offers the opportunity to create free, as well as self-hosted blogs. It is simple and easy. Anyway, you may choose the best according to your desires and wishes. You may install a different plug-in for SEO and other purposes. You may easily monetize it and earn money. Blogger is another free and self-hosted platform from Google. It may also be an option.

      • Do I need to pay for starting a blog?

      You may start a blog for free. I recommend it for beginners. When you get advanced and have an experience, you may choose a self-hosted blog. It is not much expensive too. You need to buy a domain name from a domain registrar and also purchase hosting. It may cost you a few dollars per month. The domain name comes on a yearly bases, and there are affordable options for you. There are different packages from different service providers; you may opt for the best that meets your needs. There are promotion plans also. Having a domain name and own hosting may prove useful.

      • How do I make money?

      You can definitely y make money from your blog. Certain factors play a role in this respect. You should not expect money overnight, and you need to build traffic and register for an earning program, and then you may expect cash from your blog. But first, you need to take it to the world and give exposure. You should not get disappointed if you are unsuccessful in preliminarily efforts, carry on, and you will get money. But it is not a miraculous way, but your ideas and creativity bring fruit for you.

      • How much money may I expect from my blog?

      You may earn millions, and you may make nothing. Different factors play a role. Have you build trust and become an authority in your niche? Have your innovative ideas to sell? Are you just killing time and want to earn your living seriously? Bloggers earn hefty amounts through their blogs; people earn more than $10000 each year. You need to work a bit hard to get cash. It is a passive income type that grows slowly but steadily. Different ads will be fruitful only when you have blog traffic when you have exposure!

      • How do I find a great niche for my blog?

      Have you done research? Have you got the topic and niche for your blog? But now what to do?

      You need to get an insight into the competition. You may Google your topic. You can search for trending social media channels. Get an insight into the needs of your audience. There are free SEO tools on the web to let you get information about searches and the volume of keyword searches. You may narrow down your niche topic for exclusive traffic if you need more precise insight. You may go for different keyword ideas.

      • Who is your ideal audience?

      When you are creating a blog or earning money and make it profitable, you should write what your audience needs. You need to keep the ideal subscribers n mind when you are creating posts. When you have an insight into the desires of your audience, you may create successful and engaging posts. Your voice and tone must have an attraction, do not be cheap. You must determine your style and give it a unique touch. If your audience needs advanced information, do research, and do what they need.

      You should make sure the audience base on specific interests.

      These are specific suggestions for creating a profitable and selling blog. You may earn through your blog and give exposure to your art, expertise, and skills.

      You may be a successful blogger if you have certain traits. These traits are your engaging language, knowledge in your niche, and a specific style and tone. In the article, you got an insight into how to make money blogging for

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