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Wealthy Affiliation:

I am going to present a detailed analysis of Wealthy Affiliate. This review is going to make you feel and decide if affiliate marketing is for you. Wealth affiliation is to connect with marketing as performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the wealth affiliation efforts

Why you should read this article? This article is going to dispel the controversies about Wealthy Affiliate that this program is pyramid based scheme. Further, Wealth affiliation pros & cons are to be discussed here.

4: Story that relates to pain/struggle

There are a lot of affiliate programs to join.  Moreover, one wonders which to join and which to leave. Every program is offering different perks and advantages. Therefore, to avoid wandering here and there on google, I would suggest you to join simply our Wealthy Affiliate program. This would save your lot of time, effort and money. Further, the benefit of taking wealth affiliation course is that you can pay in monthly installments that are as low as $50 per month.

5: Include bullet points

What does the course include? What to expect in the course of wealthy affiliate? This course will be delivered by Kyle Loudoun, and Carson Lim is there at the backend of the group to support. The style of Kyle’s teaching is very simple and he makes it easy to understand the complicated aspects of digital marketing. Hence, our aim is provision of easy and sustainable material.

  • There is a lot of (somewhat repetitive) content in this training, and top students are also able to contribute by producing trainings.
  • Is Wealthy Affiliate free? No, but you can actually try seven days for free.
  •  There’s a very supportive and active community.
  • You learn where to find affiliate offers.
  • You’re taught how frequently to place affiliate links and make offers to your readers

6: Discovery – How I Found Product Wealthy Affiliate

Finding Wealthy Affiliate (WA) wasn’t a herculean task. Getting the right thing at the right price is the dream of everyone. So here comes your dream product in the dream price with the best teacher and resources. Come and join us to find the best consequences.

7: What is the product & Who is it for

This Wealthy Affiliate (WA) program is for everyone no matter you are a starter or an experienced marketer. You can avail the free course on and get a 7 days free trial as well. So, dare to take a plunge and get yourself registered.

8: Benefits And Little Things I Didn’t Like

What is the advantage of buying Wealthy Affiliate program for me? Here are the answers:

  1. Easy step-by-step guidance and training for newbies
  2. Access to all 50 online Entrepreneurship Certification Courses
  3. Access to all 70 Bootcamp courses
  4. Weekly live classes on different skills and subjects
  5. Ability to create your own training modules and get paid for it.
  6. Create your own affiliate blog
  7. Build your website in 1 minute without doing programming for it
  8. Free SSL certificates
  9. Ability to obtain and purchase your own domain from Wealthy Affiliate domain
  10. Learn the importance of Social Media in marketing
  11. Grammar, Spelling, and Plagiarism check availability in the domain

These benefits seem more than your expectations but believe me! You are gonna get more than these if you purchase the full package. So, hurry up, first month you have to pay $19.99 only and then you can get $50 per month. This is your chance to start your own business through wealth affiliate

9: Proof it works – my results or showing the product working. + main keyword or related keyword

You have to click on and join for free. Upon joining you are asked to sign up, that is very easy to join, really. Update your profile, add your description, and start training.

10: Conclusion – Where To Buy & Why It’s Worth Their Money.

It’s worth the money you are going to pay for Wealthy Affiliate. Just sign up for free. Start your training from today. The first 7 days are free trial and then you have to pay $20 for the first month. So, buckle up and click on

What Is This Place – Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate in a nutshell:

   An online business community and training center. You can learn how to build an online business here, and so much more. Here are some of the tools available to you:

  • Countless Great Training Resources, Videos, Courses, and even Classrooms to get you educated.
  • The ability to build 2 free websites (starter members) or unlimited free/owned domain websites (premium members).
  • A Keyword Research tool.(premium members)
  • Live Chat – this is great for getting questions answered or just learning by watching people talk.
  • Your Own Blog – This is a place to write questions or blog about your feelings, keep it related to WA though if you can.
  • Other people’s blogs – You can get so much inspiration, engagement, and learning just from reading other people’s thoughts.
  • Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge.

On top of that, you have the ability to affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate and earn money by referring other members. Moreover, You can find more information about affiliate marketing here:

Watch a video here walking you through wealthy affiliate.

How Do I Get Started?

Well, the most obvious place is here: The Getting Started Course

Here is good too: The Getting Started Classroom.

Some things to consider, the getting started course is designed to get you up and running. This includes things such as understanding what exactly it is we do here as Internet Marketers, and how to go about it. Hence, Affiliate marketing is a great training but should you get stuck, ask questions in live chat.

Affiliate Marketing:

Please at least try to read through the whole training of affiliate marketing before you start asking a lot of questions. Many questions will be answered throughout the course.

Those links above are available for all members. If you wish to continue with course 2,3,4 etc, you will need to upgrade to premium, but there are plenty of other great free trainings for you too. Hence, there is always a bright aspect for you to get trained.

How Will I Get Paid?

Well, this really depends on how you earn the money. Most of us use affiliate links. We build a site around a topic/niche/product and we recommend products (or useful services). Further, we are affiliated with those products.

    For example, we affiliate with and recommend their products. Then, we receive money, if someone buys one of those products.

   There are other ways to earn money, view this great training for more info.

Now, once the money is earned, you either get paid by cheque (amazon etc), by direct deposit into your bank account (google adsense, clickbank, amazon) or into a paypal account (Wealthy Affiliate, Squidoo, clickbank) some places let you choose from one of those three options.

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