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Top Pros/Cons and Features of This HostMonster Reviews newly Web Hosting provider on the Go!

HostMonster is both economical and feature-rich. Its packages seem tailor-made to independent bloggers and E-commerce customers. The packages are user-friendly and affordable, as is the client service. HostMonster Reviews has been in the field for a long time and that is reflected in the way that it caters to an average site owner's needs.

HostMonster Reviews might offer a good service at a reasonable price, but does it match up with the top web hosting companies? We find it hard to say"yes."

 HostMonster Reviews

Unbelievable PROS

  • Unlimited add-on domains
  • E-commerce solutions provided
  • Affordable packages available
  • Responsive 24/7 live chat


  • Only Linux based accounts
  • The price goes up after the first year

OVERVIEW of HostMonster Reviews

HostMonster was offering its services since 1996. It intends to offer small companies and individuals using the best possible hosting experience at reasonable price levels. It achieves this with the help of high-quality hardware, effective administration tools, reliable backups and decent business practices.

Features and Ease of Use

HostMonster's features include:

  • 'Maximum Guaranteed' uptime
  • Courtesy site copies
  • Domain registration support
  • Endless add-in domains
  • Let us Encrypt and PositiveSSL SSL certificates
  • Infinite storage and bandwidth

Since HostMonster targets small companies and individuals, it is essential for it to cater to customers who aren't technically savvy. It does that perfectly by offering a free website builder. Using this application, all you need to do is drag-and-drop your desired widgets and components in place and you have a site of your own. In the same way, there is a one-click WordPress installer that will help you install the most popular blogging applications, with no programming knowledge.

In addition to WordPress, there are other useful scripts that you can use to control your site. These include different job management scripts in addition to scripts to make a help centre or a ticket support system on your site. Other popular scripts include Moodle, Joomla, Drupal, TikiWiki, and poll and survey program.

 HostMonster Reviews

It supports OpenPGP/GPG Encryption as well as SSL secure server. You can choose from a wide range of shopping carts for your online shop, including OSCommerce and Zen Cart among others

HostMonster Pricing, Hosting Plans

 HostMonster Reviews

Here's a Fast overview of HostMonster hosting programs:

Shared Hosting: They've three shared hosting programs:

Shared Hosting: They have three shared hosting plans:

Basic plan: This plan costs $4.95 per month. It supports 1 website and comes with 50GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, support for 5 email accounts and 25 sub-domains.Plus plan: This plan costs $6.95 per month. It supports unlimited websites and comes with unmetered storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited sub-domains, and email accounts.Prime plan: This plan costs $14.99 per month, but is often on sale at $6.95 per month. It supports unlimited websites, storage, email accounts, sub-domains, and bandwidthPlease note that this pricing is only available if you sign-up for the three-year term.

Ease of Signup: One-page signup. They make it really simple to sign up.

Payment Methods: Credit Card, PayPal.

Hidden Fees and Clauses: By signing up, you agree to give them a non-exclusive royalty-free license to use content accessible on your account with them as they think fit. Every shared hosting accounts come with a limit of 1000 total database tables, 3GB total database size, and 200,000 inodes.

Upsells: A few upsells.

Account Activation: Instant Activation.Control Panel and Dashboard Knowledge: cPanel.Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): Mojo Marketplace for effortless installation of popular apps.

Best Features of HostMonster Hosting

 HostMonster Reviews

While we suggest passing on HostMonster, it is well worth mentioning their features which might have led you to consider them at the first place. For one thing, their branding is easy and conservative, which might appeal to those who are somewhat overwhelmed by flashier tech businesses and highly technical language. Additionally, unlimited bandwidth and domains is a nice perk! But most importantly, they do offer a very comprehensive security package, which we were impressed with. Here is the scoop

While WordPress is generally the standard for hosting business. it is comforting for some to get a What You See Is What You Get site builder. HostMonster uses Weebly, which is intuitive and well seen in the business. Just remember that if a business puts heavy emphasis on offering a totally free website builder, their goal market generally is not the techie crowd. You do not have to be a web designer to download a WordPress template, which may even be easier than dragging and dropping your site through Weebly. This isn't a terrible thing, however, it will speak volumes about the depth of knowledge most of their clients have upon signing up for their services.

Free Domain Names for up to One Year.

A fantastic proportion of hosting companies offer you this deal, so HostMonster isn't by any means an outlier. However, this is a great perk!

This is definitely a good deal if you're planning to host lots of small, simple websites. Nonetheless, it's important to remember that when hosting firms say"infinite" in respect to basic shared hosting plans, that does not necessarily mean that you could upload unlimited data to unlimited websites. More often than not, and in the instance of HostMonster too, they do put a cap on most of the information, they simply don't advertise it. Furthermore, your site can simply load data as quickly as it could communicate with the host. The quality of the hardware in the end is what really determines how"infinite" your hosting program is. If you're interested in really boundless hosting, we recommend taking a look at DreamHost.

Comprehensive Security Contained

The 1 area where HostMonster is before the competition is at the amount of security they give on their most basic plans. Contained in shared hosting include SSL certificates, sexy link protection, SSH access, Spam Assassin, and more. These solutions address most of the significant vulnerabilities of web hosting, placing a good foundation of security for your website.

Downsides of HostMonster Hosting.

In case HostMonster appealed to you for any reason stated above, we highly suggest reading over the issues we encountered with them. Even though there's absolutely no ideal hosting company, and your choice should always necessarily be predicated upon your special needs, there are some redflags that should be dealbreakers in almost any company. Unfortunately, HostMonster neglects to fulfill our basic criteria in quite a few locations.

HostMonster's entry-level pricing is at about industry standard, but this is only for the initial sign-up. Prepare to determine your prices multiply if you decide to stay with them after your first entry-level pricing has expired. What's more, they don't offer you any monthly pricing. To get the advertised monthly cost, you need to pay for 3 years of hosting up front. This is a huge commitment for a service you have not even had a opportunity to try out yet. And the standard 30-day moneyback guarantee is not nearly long enough to decide if you are okay with this kind of a lengthy contract.

Speed and bandwidth are probably the two greatest indicators of just how good a hosting firm is. In the end, their job would be to host your website. If they can't keep it up and running or functioning in the rates that users expect, what exactly are you paying them ? Sadly, HostMonster simply can not deliver in this area. While they don't have the worst track record we've seen, they are consistently below the industry standard in the two areas.

 HostMonster Reviews

Where the averages one of webhosting companies sits at 99.94% uptime and 700ms in page loading times, HostMonster falls short of both markers with 99.91% uptime and around 880ms in page loading times. If these factors are really important for you (which they ought to be), have a look at A2 Hosting, the industry leader in bandwidth and speed. Another firm that takes this stuff seriously is JaguarPC, who will refund you 10x the price for every single hour of downtime your site encounters.

Confusing Feature Explanations & Upsells

The HostMonster website does a bad job of describing just what is included in their shared hosting packages, another testament to the fact that they target clients without much technical knowledge. This contributes to a really confusing test out process in which you might wind up paying extra for features you believed were contained. The first attributes page may lead you to think you receive completely free website back ups (pretty typical in the industry), however upon check out you understand that this costs an additional $3 per month.

Underwhelming Customer Service of HostMonster Reviews

While you can anticipate that HostMonster Reviews customer service will respond to your inquiries within a reasonable amount of time (approximately 10 minutes to connect through instant chat, and another 2-3 minutes between answers), do not expect the most knowledgeable assistance. Standard troubleshooting tips are frequently offered even when your question is far more specific. What's more, a quick Google search will pull up a tome of dissatisfied client support stories. This has a tendency to be a pattern one of EIG owned businesses, which leads us to speculate that post-acquisition priorities usually do not contain investment in customer support.

Do we recommend this web hosting by

We do not.

HostMonster's performance is a pretty average across the board, to be honest.

Their customer support is adequate yet inconsistent.

HostMonster Reviews failed at our speed tests and that's a huge concern, seeing as a working' website is rather a prerequisite here.

Then you have the issue of all-too-common pricing tricks, which isn't quite as great as advertised when you start adding up all of the additional fees and charges over time.

Simply put -- there are far better hosts available for the money.

By way of instance, our testimonials have shown both A2 Hosting and SiteGround to be superior in almost every category. We advise that you try giving among these two a look prior to trying out HostMonster.

FAQS for HostMonster Reviews

What do You need to Know Before Subscribing?

HostMonster has been a popular solution for many individuals searching for low-priced Web hosting. As part of numerous business groupings -- as a trio of hosting companies, then a part of a bigger corporation -- it's been one of the lesser-known options. We have answered the most well-known questions people have about HostMonster Reviews so you can make the best decision when you're trying to find a hosting firm.

When did HostMonster start?

HostMonster Reviews , Bluehost, and FastDomain were in the same household, led by CEO Matt Heaton, who regularly kept clients updated on his own personal site about improvements in the companies and their services.

The companies were purchased by EIG, the hosting conglomerate that now has more than 40 different hosting companies under its umbrella. As with many of them, the ownership by Endurance International Group has changed the perception of HostMonster Reviews in the business.

What's HostMonster's customer services?

The business promotes maximum customer support, but again, this is another area where reviews are widely varied. A proportion of customers rave about the company's service and response time. They have had excellent conversations with useful service reps who truly care about their overall experience. A much bigger contingent, however, has less-than-stellar things to say about the company's service.

Clients are reporting that their websites were closed down with no notice, that websites were half-functional, and the company is not able to support programs that they themselves include in their hosting packages.

They have accounts on both Facebook and Twitter, although both are slightly out of date. Facebook's last article was in 2014, and also the previous tweet was the sole one in 2016, posted in September.

Which are the exceptionally functional tools for administration?

HostMonster Reviews runs cPanel because of its management panel. The skin looks somewhat different, however, the simple fact that they supply this for administrators is a fantastic alternative, since anybody looking to switch hosts may do this readily. CPanel is the industry standard for control panels. As it is so typical, most hosting companies will include free site transfer for sites running the board.

HostMonster Reviews is one of the numerous hosting companies that don't offer monthly payment options and offers the lowest possible prices when you register for lengthy contracts.

What if I don't like HostMonster Reviews?

Most hosting companies offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, and HostMonster Reviews is not any different. There are a few that provide much longer warranties, ranging from 45 to 97 days, so while HostMonster isn't the best, it's certainly in the middle of the pack. Their provisions list quite a couple of nonfees, but these are usually in conjunction with providers paid for third-party programs and add-ons. Provided that you cancel within the first 3 days, you'll get back all of your money, but for the nonrefundable fees and the completely free domain registration of $15.99 per name.

HERE are some useful reviews by Real people

 HostMonster Reviews

 #1   Nice!

If you're searching for an affordable, friendly, customer-focused hosting website, then search no more. HostMonster Reviews starts out you at an affordable monthly price, this includes your domain name for a year! Customer service is exceptional and comes with a wide variety of alternatives that you utilize. Unlimited hosting space AND unlimited bandwidth, what else could a site guru request? A+ to HostMonster Reviews HostMonster Reviews!!

#2 Great hosting company for a good price

It was a nice service. I was really enjoyed having a bargain with support. Guys always helped me. Also, the cost was very comfortable for me. Now, this service isn't actual for me. But in the future, I will return to them. Thank you for your services. I recommend them.

#3 Absolutely awful customer service.

We are now on day 6 and it isn't completed, despite being told daily it has. The live support chat is a waste of time since they have to escalate everything to 2nd line service, who don't seem to exist because you never hear back from them. Avoid at any cost.

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